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Komende dagen wordt het superlekker weer. (Hmm volgens mij had ik dat in mijn vorige blog ook al vermeld!) Dan komt de natuur weer tot leven, let maar op! Dat je voor tropische vlinders niet ver weg hoeft te reizen, laat ik zien in deze foto's. Allemaal zijn ze gemaakt in Nederland, in deVlindertuin de kas in Zutphen.

Ook in Utrecht zit een prachtige botanische tuin waar je tropische bloemen en vlinders kunt fotograferen. Daarvoor moet je nog wel even wachten, vanaf 30 maart is de Vlinderkas in Zutphen weer open, vanaf begin maart kan je naar de botanische tuin in Utrecht. Deze foto's geven wel vast een voorproefje, om je enthousiast te maken voor het fotograferen! 

Je zal snel denken dat deze foto's met een macro-lens gemaakt zijn. Bij bloemen is dat prima, vlinders vliegen, zeker als het mooi weer is, snel weg als je dichtbij komt. Zelf vind ik het fijner werken om dat een telelens te gebruiken zodat ik ver weg toch dichtbij kan komen. Snap je? Ik sta op 1,5 meter afstand en zoem in zodat ik toch een close-up of bijna-macro uitsnede krijg! 

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Hello, I am new, my name is Miguel and they tell me Nené, I am 38 years old and I am an automotive mechanic, what I like most in the world is mechanics, I can repair everything that has a motor. I hope to teach you about my knowledge in this area and learn many more things, as I am also self-taught and I really like learning new things. I like challenges, especially if it's something extreme, I like sports that have to do with wheels. ⚙️🔧🚘 #imnewhere
Photography: the world and a backpack (I)
In October 2013, I said goodbye to my co-workers, let go the apartment I was renting, sold almost all my possessions and headed towards China with a one-way ticket in hand and a backpack on my shoulders. For eight unforgettable months, I travelled solo in Asia and Oceania and discovered much about the world and myself. I saw landscapes of pristine beauty; visited gold-gilded temples where my shoes stayed at the door; tasted foods I'd never had before (hello, fried worms!), learned to say thank you in a few different languages, watching my interlocutors crack an instant smile; shared many rooms with plenty other travellers; and met wonderful people from a variety of different countries, cultures and beliefs. But most importantly, I learned this: that the vast majority of the people in this world are good and kindness truly lives everywhere. Perhaps it's the current times making me even more nostalgic than my usually nostalgic self, but for some reason I find myself wanting to dig back into my archive of (thousands) of photos from those days, so that I can share some with the lovely community here at Yoors and the world wide web at large. Which brings me to this post. This is the first in a series of posts in which I'll be sharing a few of my favourite snapshots from the Big Trip. Instead of sorting them by country, though, I'll try to go with a specific theme each time. Today I bring you: Humans and water - A multitude of blues provide a gorgeous backdrop for these fisherman and their boat on the smooth surface of lake Erhai, in China. Man, river, and sunset were in perfect alignment on this particular evening, in Laos. A visitor contemplating the surreal stormy beauty of Lake Tekapo, in New Zealand (where nature can induce tears of awe). #photography #travelling #china #laos #newzealand  Unless indicated otherwise, all the material posted here was created by me. If interested in using it, please get in touch via the comments.