Kabeljauw met banaan en mosterdsaus

Kabeljauw met banaan en mosterdsaus

De sterretjes op mijn recepten geven aan hoe het recept gewaardeerd wordt! Geen of een ster per persoon, en voor eigenwijze kinderen mag ook een halve ster! 

Ja, ik vond het ook 'bijzonder' klinken toen ik het recept voor het eerst kreeg .... Maar het is lékker! 

Mijn kinderen zijn moeilijke eters, en zelfs zij vragen er om! Probeer het recept maar eens uit! In elke supermarkt kun je tegenwoordig duurzame vis krijgen, dus dat kookt ook fijn! 

Is de foto oké, of willen jullie dat ik het recept uitwerk? Zet het maar in de reacties! 

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In the design challenge you create a garment of the themes. It says 1 to 7 and today you need theme 1, tomorrow theme 2 and so on all the time! So Monday 26 April: love Tuesday 27 April: King's Day Wednesday 28 April: sports Thursday 29 April: dashes Friday 30 April: chill Saturday 1 May: winter Sunday 2 May: Summer You guys are also in? You can also draw shoes and other things! You need to draw a drawing of the theme that should be on that day. You can always connect later, or do not join. Place your drawing on #designchallenge Lots of fun, greetings Tess
Apeldoorn 2015
I saw the booster Apeldoorn and suddenly had to think of our holiday of 2015. Then we decided to go to the Elf Fantasy Fair and suddenly a long weekend with a trip in Apeldoorn. A city that surprised me anyway. I thought it was a very nice place to stroll. We went by the shops, which I liked very much. Not busy with shopping malls like in other cities, but just a shopping street. It was also wonderfully warm, so we were lucky too. Mainly the trip to Apeldoorn served to see the exhibition of Sissi that was running there. The then Queen of Eastern Hungary is a figure who always appealed to one's imagination. I had to and would certainly also take this. Afterwards we could walk in the gardens of the Palace Het Loo. Truly beautiful was that. You can already find a photo report below. Apeldoorn, I'll definitely be back.. if we are allowed to travel back at least. #apelthorn #voyages #netherlands #sissi #paleishetloo #2015 Why 1 flower is more than enough - Read more Back in time - Read more The Sonian Forest - Read more