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At the new #camera s already have many preset programs in the menu for different conditions. The camera selects the 'optimal' settings for the chosen situation. Many cameras have choices for example:

  • portrait
  • landscape
  • Fireworks
  • movement
  • sunset
  • party
  • museum
  • snow
  • etc.

Nowadays, now that food photography is so hip, there is often a choice setting for that!

In this way there is a good attitude for most situations. The camera thinks about the best #sluitertijd , #iso value and #diafragma (together ' #Belichting '), and the camera itself, for example, will use the #witbalans customize.

Still your camera remains a machine! A camera 'measures' the circumstances, you SEEX the circumstances. And you can think of what you want with the image you see! For example, in the 'motion' or 'sports' setting, the camera will assume that you want your subject to focus on the picture. For this it will go for a very short shutter speed, and often a high ISO value.

Now you remember that it will be nice to show the movement. The environment (still) you want to be sharp, but with your subject you want a nice #movementsonscherpte to capture the speed in the movement! Then you can make adjustments to the ISO value, aperture and shutter speed. (to keep it clear, because there are many more settings that do something with your final image).

If you just want to switch from fully automatic shooting to manual, I want to give you an important tip! (As an expert...) Do not immediately adjust all the settings yourself! Change one of the factors for exposure yourself!

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