Can We Fight Wrinkles Or Is It A Matter Of Genetic?

There is no morning in which I do not apply face cream to prevent wrinkles, but... can they really be prevented?

Whenever you think about wrinkles and the reason for their appearance, you keep in mind that the passage of time is the main cause; and indeed it is, but, despite what we usually believe, there are other equally important factors that influence its appearance.

These factors are not linked to age or the passage of time, they range from genetics, skin type, the care you have given it during your life, the movement of facial muscles, exposure to sun or cold, environmental dryness, pollution, ufff... so many things!

Aesthetic experts indicate that wrinkles are a natural response to the passage of time, it is something that happens to all of us, but today we are capable of delaying its manifestation and being able to improve our appearance. First of all, leading a healthy lifestyle (hydrating well, avoiding tobacco, always protecting ourselves from the sun, complementing it with cosmetic products) and of course, with personalized treatments that help us not only treat but also prevent its appearance. Of course, before applying creams or starting a series of treatments, it is important to know what type of wrinkle you have and what factor has triggered it in order to apply the best possible treatment to promote its elimination.


Types Of Wrinkles

Today, expression lines can be classified into static, dynamic, gravitational, and mixed. For example, when talking about a static wrinkle, we are referring to those lines that are linked to age, to aging itself, which appear due to the natural loss of volume in the tissue and the lack of collagen that gives it that touch of elasticity.

To correct them, skin specialists recommend two treatments, the Ellansé and the Cyclone, the first one is a facial treatment that combines the correction of wrinkles and folds with the production of collagen to maintain the elasticity of the skin, while the second one, seeks to recover the elasticity of the skin based on generating collagen and elastin.

The dynamic or expression wrinkles are caused by the movements we make, repeatedly, every day. Gestures such as frowning, smiling, or closing your eyes can cause the formation of these wrinkles. In this case, the most recommended treatment is based on botulinum toxin, which allows the desired effect to be achieved without affecting the natural expression of the face.

While the gravitational ones are those that are promoted by the aging of the tissues, since the main reason for their appearance is the loss of gravity of the skin, causing sagging. And, finally, the mixed wrinkles that are a mix between expression and severity, more difficult to correct and prevent.


Good Prior Diagnosis

Skin doctors always recommend visiting a professional to receive a personalized treatment throughout a facial diagnosis carried out thanks to a facial medical scanner, which allows for more precise diagnosis previous that, together with the excellence of the medical team, is essential to be able to achieve the personalized treatment of each client.

This facial diagnostic tool is an essential tool with which professionals can design treatments in a totally personalized way, make recommendations on healthy lifestyles, and even forecast the date of achievement of the objectives set.

Note: This blog is just informative, you are beautiful in the way you are :)

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