it's about 10.30 in the morning, I want to take part in the challenge but I'm undecided, I have two nice photos but I don't know which one to choose, I have to hurry up waiting in the choice doesn't help me, ok done! I chose this one because I will show you the other one on a future occasion and then today is the special day to dream, what you see is a flight of stairs with an artistic railing inside an old building in Rome, the walls are white in color and at the top there is a window from which a beautiful light comes out that illuminates a splendid blue sky, there is no one around now I will go up the stairs and go to the terrace where a hot air balloon is waiting for me, I will board it and it will be equipped with a coffee machine, I will take flight and while I drink a hot coffee I will head towards a dream, go to visit Japan, I do not speak Japanese and my madness will be to communicate only through a pad of paper, all that that I want to communicate in Japan I will do it by drawing, through a drawing I will speak, will I be able to succeed? What if they don't understand my drawings? Anyway I'll try it is my dream and I hope to make it come true, now excuse me that I have to start the wind of the imagination is on my side, from that opening at the top of an old Roman palace I will leave for Japan, do any of you want to come with me? Don't worry if you don't speak Japanese, I'll draw for you.
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and in flight this music will accompany me