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Welcome to all of
you who visit my page, I am Walter Festuccia and I sign my works as Walter Fest
I come from Rome, Italy I am over sixty years of age, I graduated as assistant
set designer at the  Institute for Cinematography
and television of Rome,like almost all
artists, my passion for art starts as a child I like to talk about myself as an
artist by nature and a craftsman by tradition, all my works are handmade by me
with various techniques, I love mixing color, matter, with the aim of creating
unique works.I also like
photography very much, I am fortunate to have an eye that manages to find art
in every image that strikes my interest and my imagination and even if I don't
have the equipment of a perfect photographer with a small camera and my own
mobile phone I can take good photos by simply taking photos as my eye sees them
without using photo editing programsAnother interest of
mine is writing I have my book dedicated to art "the bet of art" in
the publication phase. On various occasions I insert words in my paintings,
once a critic said about me that I am a conceptual artist, my artistic language
is mainly abstract and through this expressive way my goal is to give pleasure
and excite the person who looks at the my works, also I really like interacting
with those who look at my art, if you have any questions you can ask them
without problem, however now it is a great pleasure that you are here and I
hope my art is to your liking.
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