Hello everyone,
Here I was again.
Just with an update on how the children are doing now after they have had their Pfizer Vaccination.

How is Jayden?
Jayden is going pretty well now. The first and second day a lot of problems with his arm and lighter increase and suffer from his muscles and now we are at day 3 and he doesn't really bother anything anymore.
Is playing good again, only he notices that he is tired a little more quickly.
But he says that also adds up as soon as I'm an old grandpa 'hahaha

So to put it briefly, he actually feels pretty good. As a mother, I am so happy about that because I was a little afraid that he would react differently because he is always sick very quickly. It's really a relief for us that he's doing so well after vaccination.

How is Charlene?
Well, with Charlene, things are a little less well. She also had her vaccination of pfizer last Wednesday and the first day a little suffering from the arm and bothering the muscles. Second day very tired and headache and even more muscle pain and fever . Actually, just a little bit of the same complaints as me,.
Now at day 3, Charlene gets off her bed and she is completely under the red rash and it itches them.
Well, hop just a minute call the GP because the weekend is just around the corner.
I just had to send photos soon and she would call us back.
Well, it was almost 2 hours later and still no bell so this mom herself just called for a moment and then it was said that she has an allergic reaction to the pfizer vaccination. This reaction may be because she probably carried corona on the day of the vaccination and that this vaccination is now a little too strong that is why. You can carry corona with you and that you don't hear anything at all, but good thing I knew of course. Only I never expected this.
Charlene is completely under it and she has now been given tablets and ointment. She can get very tired of these tablets, so she can only take them just before she goes to sleep. She can get tired but also dizzy, so she's not only allowed to go out, though she doesn't need it at all now because she's extremely tired.
We have to take a look at it this weekend and she is really very tired and dizzy, she can't go to school first next week because she has to finish these tables and that's exactly 10 days.

I really feel really sorry for her. It itches so badly, that's just really not normal anymore.
I hope she will soon be less bothered because you just don't give anyone this.

So you can see that every corona vaccination can fall differently for everyone.
And therefore also in children can fall very differently.

I do think the vaccination is important and that's why we took the pricks too.
Okay, the side effects are a little less fun, but is also about again, I say so.

Now just thumbs for Charlene that she will soon be less bothered. Been happy for a long time that she is fever free because she walked with that for 2 days and of course that is no fun either.

For now, I am closing this blog and I hope you have informed you a little bit in this way.

lots of love @Rosita &Charlene-Blogs-Creations  
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