Christmas tree crafts

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Every time it's a challenge. The best crafts to come up with and yet ensure that you stay within the budget in terms of material. Especially in the period before Christmas it is so nice to do something different and cuddling with light is of course always a success.

That's why it's an art not only to be creative in thinking about what you're going to make, but also in the search for materials. This can be by using cheap shops and cleanup actions, but also by looking around you.

For this Christmas tree you could, for example, use materials from the cycle. That's how I bought a bunch of garlands there last year. Entirely in the knot. The saleswoman at the checkout had something like that for 50 cents you can take it with you. To her, it seemed like something you couldn't do anything with, but to tinker amazing. Also at shops as a price swatter you can often find high discounts well before Christmas. This way you can do something else at Christmas.

Christmas tree crafting with sticks and lighting

Go outside looking for a beautiful stick and saw or cut it into pieces with a pruner shear. Make sure that the lower one is the largest and that the sticks are getting shorter and shorter upwards.

Paint a large piece of cardboard, wood or canvas cloth in a color of your choice.

Stick the sticks on your painted surface. Stick lights to it. And decorate the whole with decoration of your choice.

The girls below were super proud of their tree.

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