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~Psylocybin ~

~Psylocybin ~

We live in a time where the driving force behind medical research is money.

A drug that is patented is often worth billions of dollars. Psilocybin has been shown effective in treating major depression, anxiety, and many addictive disorders, but it can never be patented. It grows from the most humble origins, to help us reach the height of our potential. Out of decomposing matter is the medicine for the decomposition of our psyche. But it is but one way up the mountain.

~ Aubrey Marcus

Source: https://www.facebook.com/AubreyMarcus/

Blogged with care for the human psyche

& my own

with love



also psylo activist, besides a cannabis one ;)

those are recording to my own humble experience, the two most healing plants & shrooms, natural medicine,

our gaia, our pacha mama offers us all,

but most don't have the courage to take,

cause it faces you with the fact that we're all one, one being, one organisme, that we are all brothers and sisters, and should be very humble towards the planet, and nature and most of all, be humble towards each other, share and care, help each other, let capitalsm die, let this frakked up society & culture die, let's revive ancient sisterhood, and some good old native wisdom, cave paintings folks... shrooms were picted in cave paintings, so that was indeed ages ago... look at how we have evolved as a species, it's so frakking sad.

i want to thank Henkjan, for making it possible for me, for ordering magic truffels online, so i can continue to heal myself, with medicin, that is forbidden by law in belgium, also in holland, you can only buy mycelemium magic mushroom grow kits online... if you want to heal yourselves, magic mushrooms shop.nl I can personally recommend, so @Henkjan: thanks! very much! with my first earned 10euro's from blogging, I'm treating myself, on this mother's day 2017, so i can continue to heal myself, better understand the human psyche, and so fort, gratefull! for this forum, for the honest sharing & caring,



evi odette

Er is hier veel te veel verboden, en dingen die niet goed zijn zoals alcohol mag dan weer wel. *Zoekt de logica*
14-05-2017 13:24
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lol... nergens te bespeuren he.. ;) fijne moederdag & zondag, grts
14-05-2017 13:33
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