'Climate fighters: do not ignore people with disabilities any longer'

#mensenmeteenhandicap The green movement does not recognise its eco-validism. Not to be able to do without a car, have to put the heating high, depend on plastic straws: sustainable life and disability do not always go together. But there is little understanding for this within the climate movement, says Xandra Koster.Often enough people are not aware of the disadvantaged position of people with disabilities at all. In those cases, awareness-raising is appropriate.But there are also situations where it seems to be a matter of unwillingness, or where people place the interests of the majority above those of people with disabilities. The latter occurs remarkably often in issues related to sustainability and climate.Cru enough, because research shows that disabled people will suffer disproportionately from climate and environmental problems.There is no nice way to say it, but it must be said: the green movement is supervalidistic and does not recognize it.
Opinion: Xandra Koster.

By-catch: 'Three quarter municipal websites unsuitable for people with disable'
More than three quarters of municipalities do not meet the accessibility requirements for the visually impaired and hearing. This is evident from a tour of Nu.nl - Yes. The deadline for the law to comply with these requirements is on September 23, 2020, and only half of them expect to meet them.