Coloring pages dress up doll

What are you on today? A dress, a skirt, a short or a long pair of pants? Do you have the theme of dressing or clothes at school, nursery or at home? Then make your own dress doll with the children.

Making a dress doll yourself is super easy and fun for kids. For the very young children it is instructive to dress the dolls, so they learn where everything belongs. With the bigger kids you can color, cut out and laminate the garments. Store everything in a nice box, which you can decorate for example as a wardrobe.

Print out the dolls and the clothes from below. Please note, the girl and boy above are enlarged, the dolls are at the very bottom to print out and exactly tailored for the clothes. If necessary, color the dolls skin and color the hairs if you like it. Laminate the A4 with the dolls on top, cutting is not necessarily necessary. Then color the garments, cut them all separately, and then also laminate them.

Stick beautiful round Velcro stickers (Action) on the doll and on the back of the garments. Now you can decide for yourself what your doll does to today!