Hello guys, how are you? Stay health anyway yes. Blog this time I'm going to write Poems - poems related to long distance relationships that are LDR ya guys. I happen to be a Bachelor of Literature nominee, so I think it's good to share poetry - LDR poetry for you guys who are on LDR including me too guys hehehe.

Well here's Poetry - LDR Poetry guys:1. 4 AM
There's no one to talk to.

From the window you see the stars have been dated for a long time.
The lights of the city are like a goodbye sentence.
You feel someone in the distance writhing inside you.
You pray: may sadness treat his eyes well.

Sometimes, you think, it's better to be easy to love everyone than forget one person.
If there's a follower touching the core of your heart,
Those who come back will find only those possibilities.

Yourself is never whole. While silence is a fruit that refuses to be peeled.
If you try to take the skin off, you'll only find a bigger silence.

2. I Ada
Paint you at dusk
Calling your name to the end of the world
There's no more pilu
No one answers me other than my heart
And the waves are roaring

On this beach you slalu yourself
There's no trail of me on your side
But when I arrived.
My voice calls you I am the ocean
Where did you s'then go home

Jingga on my shoulder
The Night Ahead of Me
And my step-ray alert moon
I keep going.
I keep stepping.
I want me to know you exist

Seeking at you at dusk
Walking on the limits of two worlds
There's no more beautiful
No one misses more
Other than my heart
Wish thou Know

On that beach you looked on your own
There's no trail of me on your side
But when you taste
The sand you're stepping away. I'm the ocean.
Hug your beach tightly

Jingga on your shoulder
The Night Ahead of You
And your step-ray standby moon
Keep walking
Keep stepping up
I know you know I exist.
3. June RainNothing is more stoic
From the rains of June
Kept kept his misses secret
To the flowering tree
No one is wiser
From the rains of June

Removed her footprints
The doubters on that road
No one is more if
From the rains of June
It was unspoken to absorbed the roots of the flower tree
4. At That Airport
You're stunned at the door.

Blue air
Cold and savage: the sea
The deep and thirsty
Drinking out your clear, trembling body

I pull my body
The cowardly ones stay away from the beach. Stay away.
Stay away. I'm afraid of teresat
Wave and participate
Well that's him poetry - LDR poetry guys. I like the second poem most. If you like which one? #yoorskookstudio
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