Corona And Dierenfoodbank Poezewoef Wilrijk Vzw

The corona crisis has caused a lot in our animal food bank.

We help people who already have a pet and have become financially difficult to feed their pet. Every week they come to Wilrijk, Sinaai or Hoevenen to pick up their package and Corona arrived.

The necessary authorities have been contacted to provide the people with animal feed, this was approved provided we kept to some agreements. Like the social distance, the hygiene, the mouth masks. People bring their own bags and clean pots so we can fill everything.


Unfortunately, we have had a period where several people did not come to us for fear of getting sick or for fear of being fined. That is why we have also made proof of consent in collaboration with animal welfare so that people still have the freedom to pick up the food for their animals without any problems. Of course that gave us also the idea of how great is the need for these people, because we did not get warned that one did not come.

REPECT: these people will have to register again.

What was wonderful is that #zowizoo Contich has continued to support us throughout this crisis, we have received cat food and dog food from them to help our people further. Therefore a very big thank you for all your support www.zowizoo. be



The influx of new people is enormous, these people have all been affected by the crisis and have been in financial difficulties as a result. We also help them further. The gratitude here is so great that we do this with great pleasure. The rules are still the same here, but we hope soon that it will all be a bit more social again, with a taske coffee and a biscuit so that everyone can have their talk. Many have a great need for this, as the crisis has led to an even greater unification (confinement). That's one of our big goals - getting people out and making social contacts.

Some collectors have started to bring our homemade mouthmask to the man so that a penny comes in for the vet costs (caster project). We are still thinking about projects because of the crisis the events have been cancelled and we therefore have agreat source of income losses. At this time, animals that are sick or need surgery are allowed to go to one of our veterinarians. The castrations and sterilizations are still on hold until there is sufficient income and our veterinarians also get full permission from the government.

Also worth a mention,

Hughs with Tails joined our network and opened an animal food bank in Ghent because they also note that the need is very high because poverty continues to rise and especially with this crisis.

By a network we mean: Several animal food banks from all over Belgium that have the same goal in mind: to provide assistance to people with pets who have fallen into financial difficulties. Helping each other without interest in food shortages and being honest and sincere. For a while there have been the animal food bank in Limburg with us Carla and aarschot with us Ann. Hooves and Sinai are part of Poozewoef.

Of course we hope that more real ones will be added so that humans and animals can be helped further.



Our animal food bank continues its disinterested work so that humans and animals can stay together in these already difficult times.

If you wish to support us, you can do this by donating dogs or cat chunks. We can pick up but also have a donation box at the front door where you can put food in.

We still accept red light pennies and you can also make a deposit on our account (mentioned at the bottom) these pennies go to the vet account of the poezewoef.

You can always follow us on and if you need help you can submit a member request.

further we also have a website where you can always take a look nl.



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Where do you live ? Now and Then?
Yoors is growing and we ar welcoming lots of fellow human beings from Latin America an Africa. I like that a lot ! The more views and cultures the better. 1. Can you react on this post with where you live now : Country and City / Town ? 2. And where you lived 5 years ago and why you changed location ? Looking forward to your replies !
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The Assassin Carbon Monoxide (CO)
Last week, the news reported that over the past six weeks 40 people were hospitalized because of a #koolmonoxidevergiftiging - Yes.Fire brigade Nederland and the Dutch Burns Foundation are ringing. Jet Early, Spokesman on behalf of Fire Department Netherlands says: “Now so many accidents in the Netherlands and the REAL COLD DAYS MUST COLD.” WWW.NU.NL Health Council - The Health Council also gives an important #waarschuwing Off. In thousands of homes in the Netherlands, the concentration of #koolstofmonoxide too high. They advise the cabinet to impose stricter requirements on the carbon monoxide detectors. Most detectors now only sound an alarm when there is a high concentration of carbon monoxide, about 25 ppm, but the lower concentrations are not measured, such as 6 ppm. And that's where it is. It turns out that physical damage can occur much earlier at much lower concentrations of carbon monoxide. If people are exposed to lower concentrations of carbon monoxide for a long time, this can cause problems with the heart and blood vessels. That has to do with your blood taking less oxygen when you come into contact with carbon monoxide. This in turn reduces oxygen to your organs, affecting the heart and blood vessels. In addition, carbon monoxide disrupts important biological processes in the body. Research on the effect of lower concentrations of carbon monoxide on human beings was carried out in 2010 by the WHO (World Health Organisation) and in 2017. #gezondheid - Yes.The study from Sweden in 2017 showed that pregnant women when exposed during pregnancy may have adverse effects on the neurological development of the foetus.There is already a plan within the Safety Research Council on the table to amend the law most likely by 2020.Only certified installation companies will only be allowed to maintain the central heating boilers, gas stoves, fireplaces, geysers, etc. Carbon monoxide poisoning occurs at 25 ppm.According to the Health Council and the WHO, that is insufficient. #Koolmonoxidevergiftiging , according to them already occurs at 6 ppm, such as being exposed to lower concentrations of carbon monoxide for a long time, giving the above physical complaints.Most carbon monoxide detectors on the market only issue a warning at 25 ppm. A few at 10 ppm, but it would be even better, according to the WHO, if the detectors already issue a warning at 5 ppm. In America, incidentally, such detectors can be found on the market. Awareness campaign - Toxicologist Martin van den Berg from the University of Utrecht advocates an awareness-raising campaign to warn pregnant women and heart patients about the risks of lower concentrations of carbon monoxide. According to him, that is even more necessary for the Health Council to do so in order to bring it to attention.Furthermore, he says this about it: Quote I advise pregnant women and heart patients to buy sensitive detectors and ensure adequate ventilation in your home. Toxicologist Martin van den Berg, Utrecht University What is carbon monoxide? - Carbon monoxide, also called carbon monoxide, is a compound of combustion substances.For proper combustion, carbon (C) reacts with oxygen (O2) and thus carbon dioxide is formed.If there is a shortage of oxygen (C), less CO2 is produced and carbon monoxide (CO) is produced. This is a toxic gas that you can't see, smell or taste. Because you can't see, smell or taste it, carbon monoxide is called an “assassin.” What is the cause of carbon monoxide poisoning? - One #koolmonoxidevergiftiging you can get in different ways and in different places, such as at home, but also outside in your caravan, by turning a barbecue, a wood stove or a car that is warm in the garage. Below you can read the different causes: broken geysers, central heating boilers, heaters poorly maintained heating boilers, stoves, fireplaces, geysers. insufficient ventilation of flue ducts, insufficient supply of air, insufficient ventilation of your home. clogged smoke channels and drains by, for example, bird nests or dirty remains that block the road. improper use of stoves and fireplaces, using them as an all-burner. chimneys that are not swept annually by an approved chimney company. are not in possession of carbon monoxide detectors. How to recognize a carbon monoxide poisoning? - You can't see carbon monoxide. It's an odorless, invisible gas. A carbon monoxide poisoning gives the following symptoms: nausea vomiting headache fatigue confusion With a high concentration of carbon monoxide intake, the following symptoms arise: unconsciousness arrhythmias hyperventilation coma How to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning? - Research by the Dutch Burns Foundation showed that 43% of the respondents do not know that a carbon monoxide detector should be placed next to a central heating boiler, geyser, fireplace, or stove. The following steps should be taken to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning: Place carbon monoxide detectors and place them in the places where the combustion devices hang. Also place them on the corridor, landing and bedrooms. Regularity check the detectors, because of batteries that need to be replaced, test if the beeper is still going off and remove dust residues. Don't you know exactly which carbon monoxide detectors to purchase? There are several species. Take a look at this site: Ensure sufficient ventilation of your home, garage, caravan, country house. Ventilating 24 hours a day is best! Make sure that at least once a year your flue is swept off your chimney by a licensed chimney company. Let once a year the boiler, geyser or stove be serviced and cleaned by an approved installation company. Recognize the beginning symptoms of a carbon monoxide poisoning, such as headache, vomiting, fatigue, nausea. Hang a note in the house with a five roadmap how to act if there is a carbon monoxide poisoning. Five steps action plan! - The next five steps explain how to act when you have to act when there is a carbon monoxide poisoning.1. Open windows and doors for ventilation. 2. If possible, turn off all combustion devices.3. Warn any fellow residents and leave the house. Leave windows and doors open and do not enter the premises.4. Call 112 if there are symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.5. Have all combustion appliances checked again for re-use by an approved maintenance company.Citation of source: Summer holidays - Child hazards - Read more You can register via this link: Thank you for visiting my page! #koolmonoxide #waarschuwing #kachels #gaskachels #houtkachels #centrale #verwarming #gezondheid #mens #kinderen #dieren #actieplan #tips #informatie #weten #lezen #zoeken #delen #sluipmoordenaar #herkennen