(corona) cuddle suit

This morning I was in touch with my aunt, and you know what she was talking about...
I can't let it go, because she was talking about a cuddle suit.

She knows better than anyone how important a hug can be for the elderly.
By the way, it is important for everyone,
but especially for people with dementia it is often extra nice.

Yeah, well, especially now that the time of Corona oblige us to a distance of one and a half meters.
we sit with our hands in our hair, if our hearts are sincerely focused on comfort.

When our heart feels moved by the tears that sometimes spontaneously arise.
How, tell me how can I deal with this at a foot and a half.

And this is again, not only for our elderly,
there are many target groups where lack speaks of distance.
Yes, this happens in 'all' people and it makes you break sometimes unfortunately.

Yes, if only there was a cuddly suit to bring love and comfort
to all people who don't understand anything about Corona.
Then I would, now in this situation, almost pinch them.

It is oh so important, to experience a comforting touch.
I think everyone recognizes this. I don't need to explain this.

Gee, yes... I wish I had a cuddle suit, but unfortunately I can't.
Now I'm comforting at a distance, and for me, this doesn't feel good at all.

By: A Voice of Thoughts www.angelienahuis.nl / info@angelienahuis.nl

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