Corona hits us all, so do normal!!

I'm not afraid of #Corona , but for a mutated Corona, I think we should fear. Now there are reports of young vital people dying or fighting for their lives. What does that say about this virus? Is the information shared with us fair and accurate? Above all, the #coronacrisis our social life and much of our economy lamb.

Even if few people really get sick, it affects all of us. Measures are half-baked (certainly in the beginning) and often moderately communicated. Man reacts as it reacts from propagated fear. #fakenews #tegenstrijdige information. From a collective sense of impotence. Out of uncertainty. What will the people around me do, what is there for me etc.. A natural reaction that could have been prevented to a large extent.


Young people who go to school with hundreds at the same time. Basic schools where grandpa and grandmother and parents bring and fetch their children... Of course, that is half a measure. #onderwijs #coronaonderwijs


Cabinet investigates possibilities for financial support. However, now acutely there are already people who get into trouble. When will this emergency fund come? Or are we waiting for freelancers and small entrepreneurs but also medium-sized events agencies and travel branch etc.. to go down? The financial consequences and misery will then be greater. There must be an emergency fund and tax relief measures. There are vans again to be able to give us traffic fines. Our food banks are getting fewer food resources and it is questionable whether they can and can help enough people at the same time. From football clubs afraid of millions of damage to the B artist who can't go to the nursing home to take care of his paid performance. From coffee stand holder to landlord of inflatables. From sound professional to caterer. People with a 0 hour contract or people who depend on the bustle of their employer for their hours. What do you think happens when companies don't make a turnover but you all get paid home? This is not a panic scenario! It is what happens every day and will happen even more.


have long gone off. There must be more clarity and certainty. Only taking measures is not enough. Work must be done to keep our economy and social life alive and, after all this misery, we should be grateful to our caregivers, police, fire brigade and other security services.


Also the massive hoarding (thanks to those crazy people!!) What do we teach our children? How social are we in this crisis? Do we think about the people around us or do we choose to do everything and just for ourselves? What happens to us when there really is gonna be reason for panic? We need to keep a cool head, work and help where we can and are needed. #corona no matter how mild or dangerous. It affects all of us. But let's keep our heads cool. Fear is a bad counselor, but ignoring expert advice is even dumber.
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