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The man in the hat “The hat man”
Within that phenomenon known as shadow people there are many sightings about a being that shares characteristics with this phenomenon this being is commonly known as “the man in the hat” what is surprising about this being is the description given by people who have sighted it give because this is almost always the same and when it is not only has small differences it is usually described as a large humanoid figure that carries what seems to be is a long trench coat which reaches its ankles and its unique hat drink. It is said there are two types of men in the hat -The first and most passive is said to resemble the figure of a nineteenth century detective who manages to see as a shadow which is immediately static for a few minutes as soon as it makes eye contact with it until it gradually fades to it seems that it is only interested in watching and keeping people observed.. -the second “The evil” said this because it is said that it is negative energy that is made corporeal this resembles a very tall man with a black trench coat. His top hat or his eyes either red or black always dense some say they can notice factions of a man of a mature age and a gold watch. It is not known the real origin or what is precisely this strange being. Some people say they are beings of other dimensions which manifest themselves in the form of shadows and others say they are demonic entities who feed on the negative energies of the world many researchers of the paranormal have tried to give a reason to the apparitions of this being within what they concluded are originated by a series of bad experiences and negative emotions that accumulate in a precise place to create a negative energy such that it becomes corporeal yet this does not explain the effect that has on people who come to feel their living presence the terror caused by their presence and the apparitions in so many places of the world and its almost constant presence in sleep paralysis and night terrors CASE “HAT MAN (the man in the hat) IN"VILLENA” The story we are going to tell happened in the neighborhood of “la Morenica” of Villena, specifically in the 1990s. Inés and Roberto was a marriage of newlyweds, they bought a pretty and cozy apartment, it wasn't a great wonder either but they were happy anywhere. One day they were moving, Inés was cleaning the bathroom while her husband was climbing furniture among other things more with a friend of his, when suddenly the girl felt a chill on his back along with a presence behind him. In principle she thought it was her husband, but looking more closely there was no one.. Inés blamed it on the tiredness of those days, between work and moving I had a lot of stress. It was a couple of weeks and they were already settled on the floor, Roberto noticed that his wife was pretty weird lately since the move.. The boy asked him why he was so taciturna, to which she told him it was nothing, that nothing was happening. That same night something happened that Ines will never forget. Already lying down, Inés could not hit eye, Roberto was already asleep when suddenly they began to hear blows; “Knock... knock... knock..." A cada rato se escuchaban tres golpes con la misma intensidad, la chica fue a ver que era lo que estaba sucediendo, provenía de la puerta que daba a la escalera, de nuevo los tres golpes, Inés iba poco a poco acercándose la puerta, los sonidos se intensificaban a lo que ella grito: "¿Quién es?" Al decir en voz alta estas palabras de repente esos dichosos golpes pararon, nuestra protagonista miró por la mirilla de la puerta pero estaba muy oscuro, encendió la luz del recibidor, se armó de valor y abrió la puerta, nada más abrirla sintió en su rostro una extraña brisa bastante fuerte y de malas sensaciones. Apart from all this seemed like everything was right, went to the portal and nothing, there was no one there. While he was still out he was totally paralyzed, he heard those same blows inside his house.! He closed the door fast, felt again that presence of other days, a heavy and intimidating presence, walked a few meters down the corridor and almost reaching his room looked back, could not believe what he was seeing, it was a tall and very dark shade, with a “top hat” and what looked like a long nose! Inés went into his room and called her husband, told him what happened, but he didn't believe him at all, he told him that surely his imagination had played him a bad pass. A few months passed and Inés fell ill and had to be admitted to the hospital, Roberto was taking care of her many days in the hospital.. A few days later, Inés's mother decided to take care of her a weekend and the boy returned to the floor, tired decided to take a shower and try to sleep a little, although concern for his wife did not let him rest. When he was about to sleep, noises were heard in the kitchen, Roberto got up and felt a rare presence, he had the feeling that there was someone there, but he knew perfectly that he was alone. He looked in the kitchen and in the washing machine room, but everything was in order. He decided to go back to bed, just as he was down the corridor he fixed to the back where the stairs door was, there was something there, it was the same shadow that said Inés, Roberto was paralyzed for a few seconds, that shadow was staggering from side to side! The boy turned on the lights and the shadow disappeared. Shortly after this, Inés was diagnosed with a serious illness and after a few weeks Roberto was out of work. They were having a bad streak, they ran out of a floor and had to go back to their parents. Currently they are fine, Inés recovered quite a lot and Roberto is working on a new job, they don't want to remember that tragic time they had to live. As for the apartment they bought it again by other people There are many sightings of this being Even I had experiences with this entity the most recent was just over a month ago when I appeared at night while trying to sleep I remember hearing how they ripped the door and after a minute I heard how it opened and felt the incredibly tense atmosphere and the presence of this being that I could see at the door of the room but felt it to the side of me at the time I tried to take my cell phone to take a picture and have evidence however for your convenience my body felt really heavy and when I try to take my cell phone I shut up but my body felt really tired I was looking at that being until I fall asleep have you ever had an experience with this being? #paranormal #thehatman
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Requiem: Chapter 5
- Just in time Stephen March could save himself from a certain death with a lateral leap. The bright red glider drilled into the window of ' Redstone & Son ', a branch of a Western electronics company that had gained a foothold in the New World. One of the first groups to have won this authorization after the Second Cold War. The reinforced windows of the electronics store were no match for the kinetic forces of the runaway vehicle. The window glass splits into countless small pieces. At the last moment, Stephen had seen the murder vehicle rushing at him in the light of the window window. His rapid reaction, an instinctive reflex at the moment itself - was happiness or perhaps the result of his daily workout - had given him that small chance and saved his life. Because most of the pieces of glass had been broken up by the movement of the glider inside the shop space, March had not suffered any serious cuts. His pants and vest were torn and smeared by the fall, and his left leg was a little worse planed by the unsoft contact with the concrete, but the rest was not easy.. While he was still recovering from the first shock, he heard above the panicked screams of the pedestrians who witnessed the event, from the store a metallic scraping. To his great surprise, he saw the red carlide moving out of the storefront and turning to him. Stephen frowned amazed the eyebrows. Apparently, that killing machine was targeting him. This wasn't a coincidence, not an ordinary accident.. His hunch shouted at him a single word: “Run!’. He took the first street on the right at a delirious pace, almost slipping he could just avoid a pedestrian who was angry behind him. A second later he heard a bons accompanied by a creepy scraping sound. Stephen looked backwards and saw the unfortunate passerby crushed by the chasing autobot slipping along the wall in a blood-red pattern. The fear knocked him in the throat, the adrenaline made him run even faster. He thought the Metro, I should get it.. There, the runaway computer car wouldn't be able to follow him. He jumped up the stairs with two steps at the same time that would lead him to the main street via a few inland roads and also to the entrance of the underground train network. Whenever he reached the end of one of those roads, he heard the murderous vehicle approaching and blowing his neck like a hot breath. He walked even faster, and it seemed like he was given wings because of the fear that drove him. Eventually he came into the street where the entrance to the Metro was. He saw it as a redeeming mouth that would swallow it up. Another ten meters. With his last breath he squeezed out one last sprint. With a tiger jump, he plunged forward down the stairs and hurtfully rolled to the bottom of the entrance, where he hoped to be safe from the murderous autobot. Stephen felt vomited. It was a miracle, but apparently he didn't break anything at first sight, even though he was in pain everywhere. He crawled stumbling and leaning against a pillar again upright. The red monster remained hovering in front of the entrance to the Metro for a while and then disappeared out of sight.. People looked at him with fear, and many walked around him in a wide bow.. In the light of a window of a train he saw the reason. He just looked like a wreck. In the toilet of the underground, he tried to decent his clothes some and take up the worst damage. All in all, it turned out to be too easy. All his muscles were stiff due to the intense effort but nothing felt broken to. He bled from a number of small wounds to the elbows and hands. The abrasions on his leg did not look really life-threatening, although it had to be taken care of professionally. Stephen should see a doctor as soon as possible for a skilled patch. Now he no longer looked like a diplomat Stephen March, but more like a clochard who had walked into the wall several times in his alcoholic haze... or perhaps fell down the stairs of the Metro. His first idea was to tell the police everything and file a complaint against strangers. Only then did he realize that he had not seen a license plate number on his murderous stalker. In the New World all gliders or autobots were numbered on the bottom, the doors and the top of the vehicles. So one could immediately see or find out which city or area they came from. In addition, the windows were darkened so that he could not disclose the face of the driver or occupants. weird! He would wait a while to visit the police. His sixth sense told him that he might do more harm than good with that.. After an hour on the emergency service of the nearest hospital, he was given the necessary iodine tincture, special adhesive plasters containing an antibiotic and gauze dressing - and what was especially important - a strong painkiller. His leg was not broken, but still hit worse than he had previously suspected. Stephen told the doctor on duty that he had fallen from the stairs of the subway entrance due to a misstep and sustained those injuries. Even if that was only half the truth, it wasn't a lie. It sounded really convincing how Stephen brought it, but this explanation also avoided any annoying questions from the doctor on duty or a mandatory visit to the law services. Stephen March didn't get high on the Security Service right now, especially after the unsolved murder of his half-sister Suzy. The idea of walking a block and a little more at Redstone & Son to inquire, he also rejected. Maybe any witnesses recognized him while the police were still there investigating the case. What intrigued him most of all was the reason behind this unexpected attack on his person. Why was he attacked, hunted like a wild animal, eventually he was also nearly killed? What was the point, what was behind this, was this connected to Suzy's murder?? All the questions haunted in his head. He felt hunted and anxious and looked around as he sought his way back. When he was back at his apartment, he first poured himself a good whiskey.. He knew that it was not wise to mix medicines and alcohol, but this was an exception to the rule. His hand was still shaking slightly when the golden moisture was poured into the crystal glass. He took a big sip of Chivas Regal. Stephen felt the fluid that immediately warmed him a way to his stomach, which now settled some. Stephen let the last hours before his mind's eye pass. After the identification with Suzy's personal items he had received from Mr. Huang, he went for a walk in the shopping streets of Sanctuary. Getting his feelings back under control after the psychological thump he got in the morgue. Then suddenly the red homicide vehicle that showed up at him? Stephen put the rest of his whiskey glass aside and poured out the contents of the canary yellow plastic bag with his sister's personal belongings, whom he miraculously could have saved during all those struggles of the last few hours, onto the table. There were the usual things that are usually found in the possessions of a woman. First of all, her torn and bloody garments, which he laid apart with due respect and a great piece of dismay. Another example of the lack of sympathy from the New World police forces. In the pocket there was also a torn handbag, a broken lip gloss, a key ring, a hairbrush that had also suffered under the trap, a crushed pack of started paper wipes and a wallet with some banknotes in it, some pictures, but all her credit cards were missing or withheld by the Security Service. Scattered, he was messing around in all the boxes of her wallet when he found between two pictures in a note pleated in two. March immediately recognized Suzy Chang's beautiful female handwriting. There was only one word on it and a number: “Passage 6.”. It didn't tell him anything. That couldn't be the note Captain Vastai was talking about. The conscious note that referred to him? The key ring of four keys he weighed equally predominantly in his palm. He immediately recognized the blue rectangles key of an autobot. Number SW280387. Nothing was referring to that Passage 6. One of the other three keys must have been from Suzy's apartment since the name was printed in the key bar of the residence where she was staying: ' Pinewood House Asurai ’. A number was printed on the tip of the bar: 837. As he already knew, this referred to the eighth floor apartment 37. The other two were still a mystery to him. A mystery that he would certainly try to solve. He wouldn't ask the police what those keys were for.. By the way, if they had been of some interest, he probably wouldn't have gotten it.. Maybe today he took a walk to Pinewood House Asurai. Stephen changed and took the elevator to the underground garage with a painful grimace on his face in his own autobot and entered the address of the residence. The speech recognition program looked this up in its internal memory, started the almost silent drive system and the vehicle automatically slipped into the traffic jam of the pre-programmed route. Stephen leaned weary backwards in the seat and waited with his eyes closed for him to reach his destination.. copyright Rudi J.P. Lejaeghere Requiem: Chapter 4 or 6 - Requiem: Chapter 4 - Requiem: Chapter 6 -