Coronavaccination approach in the Netherlands

Today we deepened the state of the coronavaccination policy in the Netherlands. Of course you will come to the RIVM.

In the first phase we see an overview of the numbers of vaccinations and to which groups they go:

First stage vaccinations
Initial vaccination phase Number (max. ) Vaccine Where
Employees nursing homes 269.000 Biontech/Pfizer GGD location
Employees disabled care 178.000 Biontech/Pfizer GGD location
Employees home care 166.000 Biontech/Pfizer GGD location
Covid-care employees 30.000 Biontech/Pfizer Hospital
Residents nursing homes and small-scale locations 147.000 Moderna Residential Location
People with intellectual disabilities in an institution 85.000 Moderna Woonlocatie

All in all, 875,000 vaccinations. In 17 million people, this is relatively little!

I also came to a 'flow' card, which can be found at

Here we see the stages of inoculation. As far as I'm clear, these are 4 phases, given the Q1 to Q4 at the bottom of the page. However, there is no time format, partly given the willingness of people to be vaccinated or not. The more, the longer it takes, the strategy seems to be.

It is therefore impossible to predict which group could be vaccinated when.

As I wrote yesterday in my previous blog (see read more below), vaccination is not mandatory. There is a page that tries to give questions and answers, which you can find here:

An important question is this:

There are now a number of mutations of the virus. Which variant are we vaccinated for?
Mutations occur, what matters is whether the mutations occur in that part of the virus that 'uses' and 'mimics' the vaccine to evoke a reaction in our bodies. Of course, research is always done on this. Recent mutations do not currently affect the effectiveness of this approved vaccine.

When people are vaccinated depends on a number of factors, as you can also find in the articles above.

What I do regret is this question:
Why should I get vaccinated?
If everyone gets vaccinated, corona can no longer grab around him. This way we get more freedom back step by step. Each approved vaccine has been tested for safety and protection on tens of thousands of people. A vaccination not only protects yourself. But also your family, friends and the vulnerable people around you.

If it had just been said here that it was not mandatory, then nothing else would have been going on.. The choice is then entirely up to you. In the answer to this question, however, there is the catch, as far as I am concerned, that the government is very concerned about vaccinating.

The former finger of mom and dad from childhood is the perfect example of this and I think needs no further explanation. If you're not... then you're not... and I'm sorry, because this is actually what we're telling our uncertainties. You are more or less forced, otherwise there will be consequences. If you don't vaccinate, you're not allowed to go to the cafe, fly, to a concert or whatever.. The curtailment of freedom could lead to this. Or you have to submit a negative test every time you want something that can be up to 72 hours old.

As far as I'm concerned, the divide and rule is lurking.

I have to say, I'll get the vaccination myself.. This is particularly due to the high risk I am at in terms of health and the work of my wife in the care.

But again: everyone has to make his own considerations!