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What are you looking for here?
This is a question that has been pounding in my head since I saw the challenge of  @The Animatables, I think Yoors is useful for many things, I particularly love to appreciate the beautiful photos of nature, of different places, I like to learn and here in Yoors there are very good teachers! I spend pleasant moments, as well as stressful, asking my neurons creates an original and attractive idea. I love it, I love Yoors, and you, what are you looking for here? Que Buscas Aquí? Esta es una pregunta que ha retumbando en mi cabeza desde que vi el reto de @The Animatables , creo que Yoors da para muchas cosas, a mi particularmente me encanta apreciar las hermosas fotos de la naturaleza, de las distinto lugares, me gusta aprender y aca en Yoors ¡hay muy buenos maestros!, paso momentos agradables , como tambien extresantes, al pedirle a mis neuronas crea una idea original y atractiva. Me encanta, me encanta Yoors,  y tu,  que buscas aquí? Fotos Gratuitas Pixabay #qa 
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Just airing my heart.
Dear Yoorsies, old and new guard. Currently I am less active on Yoors. Yes, for me, too, that is because I have the feeling that the intended intention of creating beautiful content together moves into the background because a kind of grain culture has emerged. I have less fun writing and more and more feel that content matters less. Of course I can say that I'm quitting, that I'm leaving here.. I don't do that.. Why not? #stay #yoors   Yoors intent - When I started here on Yoors, I post every day, sometimes even more often one day. I got nice comments on a regular basis. I felt like I was going to build a kind of digital circle of friends. Nice, earning was less important, I just didn't have enough readers for that. In September, that changed. Earning was shaped in a different way and guys, it went really hard. (for my do then). Somehow this has become different. Yoors develops like a mad man, I think it's almost every day to find the right mode to share with each other in a beautiful and fair way. That's the intention I still believe in sacred. I really think there's a team behind Yoors that works in a very innovative, admirable way on something beautiful. On the way, that means that choices are being made. Choices that may not be mine. That really does not detract from the intention at all and when I'm honest, I didn't know in advance how it would turn out. So maybe, maybe I would have taken these steps if I had been at the helm. What I'm really sorry about is that I see people go away. Yoors is no longer what they want in their online environment. You know, I agree with them for a very large part. I'm not happy with the way things are going. Yet I still see the adjustments, the search. a great quest that's going to come out. For the hard core of Yoors, I think it should be clear that @Henkjan the Warrior has a vision. One of truly honest sharing and adding content to a digital world in a beautiful way. The route to get there is about bumps, trying out, trial and error. For those who think this is the final staton, you are right to quit. But be really honest. Is this the terminal station? What's wrong with being a little less active, now and then a peek and see how it goes. Nothing anyway? I trust that there is a very nice platform growing. A platform in which the whole world will gladly post. A platform in which you are encouraged to make beautiful. Worth the wait! And while you wait, write something beautiful now and then, follow each other and stimulate those people you do feel at home. Search between the lines for the possibilities you have to add something beautiful. I'll see you soon on Yoors, Yoors sincerely (oh yes, I'm going to do a promotion on this, just to make a point, I hope for real heartfelt reactions) Peerke