Cows are sacred; treat them with respect

Yes, people... cows are sacred. We have sacred cows and sacred dairy cows. In this blog you will read everything you want to know about sacred dairy cows... Especially do not forget to honor them, because after all they are sacred dairy cows.

I was inspired to this crazy article by a little chat with an acquaintance of ours. I called his car a holy cow, he turned it into a holy milk cow. The bigger the car, the more milk.

Holy cows and holy dairy cows

Yes, in India, cows are sacred. Don't you dare hit a cow as a motorist. Then you have a serious problem. After all, these animals are much more important than you. It does not matter if you come from a high or low caste or even are castless.

If there's a cow on the road, you better hope you can ride around it. Otherwise, waiting for the cow to decide to move away from the place where she is. Now let's hope this won't take hours and you're just on your way to an important cow conference. That's bad luck for those people.

So they can never even enjoy a tasty steak or whatever kind of meat we make from cows. Maybe they only have shoes from other material than leather. A beautiful leather handbag for ladies or a chic briefcase for men is not in it for the Indians. Big bad luck for them.
The only thing they can get from the cows is their milk. We all know that, and milk can make good things out of it, that's how we all know. How about a nice piece of cheese, or custard, butter or yogurt. You can also make buttermilk from it. I'm not a milk lover, but people who like this are lucky. What a blessing that there are cows. Then you can enjoy a nice glass of milk from time to time. Farmer's milk seems to be very tasty and full of flavour. That this can vary from farm to farm is another story.

Would some cows be more sacred than others? Who knows? You should go to India for the answer. I'm sure they can tell you that. If you think that's too far, you should stop by the farmer. He probably has the answers.

And when you're there, you can immediately benefit from cheap milk products. That is an advantage. Life is expensive, so if you can take advantage of delicious milk, that's nice.

Don't forget to thank the cow extensively for her milk. After all, she is sacred and must therefore be honored. It's the least you can do in return for the cow.

Support the cow in the Netherlands


By the way, do you know that a healthy Dutch dairy cow gives about 25 to 30 liters of milk a day? A cow gives an average of 30,000 litres of milk in its entire life. So we have every reason to honor cows. So it is right that cows are sacred in India.

We should also introduce this in the Netherlands. We have to go venerate and sanctify cows. So we have to make sure that they have enough grass to eat and that they have trees for the shade. There are very few trees nowadays and in the summer these poor animals are very warm.

Since they are sacred, we must surround them with all care and attention. If you want to cooperate with that, you can. On the website shows all the information you need. It costs only 10 Euro per tree or shrub. I admit you can buy a couple of packs of milk from that, but do realize that you're doing a very good deed. After all, you can make a few holy cows happy.

Yes, sacred cows sometimes quarrel...

By the way, you shouldn't think that cow is always very cute. I saw a couple of cows standing near a ditch one day. One cow was just a little closer to the ditch than another. That cow probably suffered from mad cow disease. She felt it necessary to give the cow closest to the ditch a headbutt against her sacred butt. As a result, the cow lost its balance and fell into the ditch.

Should we call the animal police now and punish this sacred cow or should we not? Luckily she climbed out on the same side and not on the side of the road, where it was very busy. That would probably have gone wrong, causing a lot of sacred cows of tin to be damaged. A hilarious moment for me and the other people in the car. Yeah, they were holy people in that car. They also exist.

Yeah, people... you know. We have sacred cows of flesh and blood, but also holy cows of tin. The latter could be called sacred dairy cows. They don't look like cow, they don't behave like cow, and they don't give you milk. That name is not appropriate.

For many people, their four-wheeler is sacred. Not for me; it's just a look and a dent more or less doesn't matter. Eventually he goes to the junkyard anyway.


There you have again the resemblance to the sacred cows of flesh and blood. In most countries, they end up at the place where their lives end. There is an end to the 'life' of the holy cow of tin and also to that of the real holy cow.

She then ends up on our plate for a piece of meat, while we have a part of her skin hanging on the coat rack in the shape of a coat, on our feet is also a part of her skin and the steering wheel of our holy milk cow is also covered with a part of her skin. Yes, that is what we do in the Netherlands with sacred cows. We deal with this very differently than India. Perhaps eating such a sacred cow will make you holy yourself. After all, you eat holy meat.

Seven years of eating grass like a cow


Anyway, if you really want to be holy, there's only one thing on it. You will have to bend your knees to the Person who created both the holy cows and the people. Be holy, for I am holy, he says. The cows have understood that, now humanity!

By the way, there was once a king called Nebuchadnessar who was forced to eat grass like the cattle. This was the result of his disobedience to God and lasted seven years. So it is not wise to disobey God. Imagine you have to eat grass for 7 years and live like a cow. I guess you don't feel like you're a sacred cow, but more of a casteless cow. But then you have to worry about ending up in India. Then there's hope for you.

And if you want to know more about cows, I'll refer you to... yes, the sacred cow museum in Friesland, where else. At least now you know how to think about cows.

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