Crafts As Fine Arts

#art Craftsmanship is an art made with a lot of love dedication, they are unique pieces.
Craftsmanship is the ability that humans have to produce objects with their hands or with the help of simple tools or machines.
Craftsmen can also make serial productions, but they differ from industrial ones because the artisanal pieces are made with their hands, one at a time, thus making the object unique.
Until a few years ago, artisans were found everywhere, in all fields of production. However, industrialization processes and the implementation of the consumer society have made this activity unfeasible as a “way of life” or “way of life”.
Today, craftsmen are working to keep their craft alive and earn a living. Graphic designers and the number of machinery trying to replace human labor.
For me it's a pride to be a craftsman.
I love country art and hope you like this sample that I bring you.

It is a work made on a 100% hand painted wooden chest or jewelry box of excellent quality.


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