Crazy bird of paradise chicken making from styropor and knots

It's a crazy chicken.. a species of bird of paradise among the chickens. But nevertheless, every chicken has a party and likes to go out. Easter is a nice party to unpack. It's a fun way to make your own crazy chicken. Make with each other all your own chicken and you will see that no one is equal! . That's what makes the challenge so much fun. Read how to make a crazy chicken like this?

What do you need?

- Styropor cone (use the code CREAKIDS and receive a small gift with your order)

- Collall Styrocol glue

- Collall flash glitter mother-of-pearl white

- Yellow chalk (pastel chalk or pastel chalk)

- Assortment of buttons mix (Action) You can also use pompons, crepe paper, fake jewelry, sequins, beads etc. utilizing

- Piece of pasta for beak

- Yellow marabou feathers (use the code: CREAKIDS and get a small gift with your order)

- Orange wings: reuse bouquet material (you can also use orange feathers, foam rubber)

- Yellow wiggle eyes with eyelashes (use the code CREAKIDS and receive a small gift with your order)

How to make it?

1. Stick the cone with buttons and glue and build it on

2. Make eyes of 2 equal buttons and glue wobbly eyelets on them

3. Fill the gap of the buttons with a mixture of mother-of-pearl white glitter and yellow chalk powder (crayons rub together)

3. Fold orange decoration into a wing shape and glue it

4. Paste feathers on the head and back of the chicken

5. Cut a piece of pasta to size and color it orange with a marker

6. Glue the beak to the spot





Below you will find decorative material that you can also use for your crazy chicken.

Click on the photo of your choice and order it in the webshop!


4artz® set with 48 types of glitter bottles and eyelets a ca. 10 grams

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The vans with glitter have scattered covers, so you can easily sprinkle the surface you want to work. The figurines such as stars, hearts, eyelets and flowers have only a screw cap. In the pictures you can see the multiple of the set.

Creotime Buttons Multicolor 100 Pieces

Creotime knots

These buttons are made of plastic and have various colors and different sizes.


Gender: junior

Material: plastic

Color: multicolor

Dimension: 12, 18, 20 mm

Hobby felt 12 yellow/orange/green felt flowers with button 3,5-7 c

Hobby felt 12 yellow, orange and green felt flowers 3.5 - 7 cm. 12 flowers in various colors and sizes. The flowers are made of felt and vary from 3.5 to 7 cm and 3 mm thick. On the flowers is a wooden knot.

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