Cute hedgehogs from pine cones

Autumn, the pine cones are everywhere. Did you know that pine cone is a cone fruit? They also call it a seed cone. In humid weather, the scales close, and in dry weather the scales open again. The seeds are open, between the scales. A beautiful piece of nature.

Wouldn't it be a shame not to tinker with these wonderful materials? Go on the road, collect some cones and get your craft stuff. Today we make sweet and cheerful hedgehogs from pine cones.


  • Cut a round of paper or take round folding leaves. Cut out 1/4 part from the circle
  • Fold the paper into a tuut (hat), that's the snout
  • Draw nose and mouth with marker and stick wobbly eyes
  • Paint the scales in cheerful colors (with acrylic paint)
  • Glue the spout with a good dot of glue to the pine cone
  • Finally, cut out a warm grass nest of green paper, where the hedgehog can sleep in during the day.

The hedgehog is a nocturnal animal. When it starts to dusk, he wakes up and crunches his stomach. Then he goes in search of tasty worms and other delicacies. The hedgehog is a carnivorous! Look HERE what a hedgehog eats.

Did you make a whole hedgehog family? Then decorate a nice bowl with it, like my creative sister-in-law Marlin has done here! Nice, such a cheerful autumn decoration on the table!


Olivia van MollyHodseYandme is mother of two children. She made these cute hedgehogs with her daughter


During their walks, the children took so many pine cones with them every time, that in the end she really had to do something with them!


The noses are made of a piece of rolled toilet roll, which is painted brown. Pompons as a nose and of course cute wobbly eyes for cute hedgehogs! 🦔


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