Day of divine Infant Jesus of Escuque

faith, love and union.

a special day to demonstrate faith.

On January 14, in the town of Escuque, celebrations are held to give thanks and ask favors to the Child Jesus, who is worshipped as patron saint in this locality. The image of the Divine Infant Jesus, who would later become the soul of a people, its sun of glory, an inexhaustible source of mercy, a bond of union for the Escuqueña community and with its smile to point out its paths of faith, hope and welfare, came to Gibraltar around the years 1610 to 1611, brought by the GUANCHEZ Y CERRADA family, coming from Leon, Spain. This family, like so many others, went to Gibraltar and settled there in view of the importance of the area south of Lake Maracaibo, both for agriculture, livestock and fishing and for its abundance of permanent water everywhere, as working people who came with the intention of carrying out progressive, dignified and exemplary work, later founded an extensive and rich agricultural estate in those fertile lands. This farm, still in full prosperity, was abandoned because of the life of anxiety determined by the wanderings of the Indians quiriquires, the same natives that since 1591 when Gonzalo de Piña Lidueña founded Gibraltar did not cease to bother the colonizers, the outsiders as they called them. Reaching the extreme in these their wanderings, they rose up in 1690 and in 1915, and in this last opportunity: November 19 of that year, acting suddenly, they seized many people, killing many others, among them Captain Delgado, kidnapping a daughter of the brave Spanish captain, they burned the totality of the houses of the population, with the only exception of the house of room of this Captain, where a group of families had taken refuge and where, precisely, was the Sacred Image of the Sweet Name of Jesus to whom it was reserved later to be the spiritual axis of the town of Escuque.



In these days of pandemic we must resort to faith as God is the only one capable of helping people leaving behind any medical treatment or hospital.

There are cases of people who go to this beautiful church in the top of a small town in Venezuela called Escuque where they gather to make or pay promises for favors received.


hundreds of parishioners come to this temple in gratitude or for prayer to solve impossible cases.

There are cases of people who have children with health problems that medicine can not help and the doctors give up so people ask for the miracle that the divine child cure them and in gratitude they usually pay the promise by dressing the children with the style of the saint's garment and take it to the church on the central day every year as a promise of gratitude.


my family and I have a tradition of visiting this wonderful chapel every year because for years we have received miracles from the divine child.

this church receives scores of cardinals, bishops and priests of the catholic church to pay their respects and worship.


Here you can appreciate the image of the miraculous Divino Niño of the town of Escuque.

If you ever come to Venezuela I invite you to visit this wonderful little tourist town for a little faith..

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