The Fair - Fairshare

Fairshare is sharing fairly

If you share a post on Yoors, you will then get 50% of the revenue through that post.
It can be fun if you share a premium post. Someone will pay for the mail via your profile and you will receive half!
My idea is that in the long run we will distribute original Yoors music and video and that the dealer or actually the postman will earn along with the creator.
After all, the postman has to be paid!

Fairshare Reward

You can stimulate a Fairshare by putting a reward on it as a maker. From the post. I do the same with this post.
There were collectors in the past who collected dozens of euros by collecting all Fairshare rewards on a profile without followers.
It could just but is of course not desirable. You give a reward to the dealer but got nothing in return. After all, the divisor has no followers.

Fair Fairshare

Today this has been changed:

  • You will only receive the Fairshare reward if the post is also shared from your profile.
  • You get the Fairshare reward if you send the mail to someone who is not yet a member. They become members and post is on their profile right away.
  • You get the Fairshare reward if someone claims the Fairshare reward via social media where you posted the post.
  • This way, you can collect unlimited Fairshare rewards until the budget the creator awarded is up to.
  • As a maker, you get a guaranteed distribution for your Fairshare Reward. No distribution is no cost.
  • Credits: @Lars Grijsen

Have fun with it!