Do you have a lot of books that you don't do anything with anymore and maybe even
stand in the way. No desire to sell or go to the cycle
then the street library is a super initiative.

I know that a number of years have already been one a few hundred meters
was down the road. That was the first in the wide area and what did I find
That's nice.

Quite honestly, I try to sell my books first, so that I
then from the earned money again can buy another book.

If you can't, they'll go to the street library. Even if I had some stuff
for the cycle and there are a couple of books I walk
if necessary to, but the books and magazines go to the street
library. Meanwhile (at least here) are no longer to think away from
the streetscape.

Is there a street library near you?
Do you sometimes bring some and you sometimes have a gem of
Found a reading book?