Cactus tekenen met waskrijt

Waskrijtjes, ik kan er alles mee tekenen. Voor mij zijn het wonderkrijtjes. Geen idee hoe het kan, maar als je tekent met een waskrijtje, ziet het er meteen geweldig uit. Neem nou deze simpele cactus. Heerlijk om te tekenen, het kan eigenlijk niet fout gaan. Jij kan het ook, dat weet ik zeker! Om je toch een beetje begeleiding te geven, laat ik de getekende cactus hier in stapjes zien.

Maar echt, die stappen heb je eigenlijk helemaal niet nodig! Ik heb wel een kleine tip: schaf fijne en zachte wasco krijtjes aan. Dus niet die hele goedkope, keiharde dingen. Daar kan je wél weer andere kunstwerkjes mee maken, als je ze bijvoorbeeld verhit met een föhn. Maar wil je gewoon een leuk, eenvoudig maar leuk schilderijtje maken? Dan neem je heerlijke vettige krijtjes: zachte vetkrijtjes!

Washi tape - meer info
Neon cactus - meer info
Cactus tafellamp - meer info

Creall Silk waskrijtjes! 3 in 1 stift, geschikt als kleurstift, pastel (kleuren mengen) en aquarelstift (te verwerken met water en penseel) 12 heldere kleuren, voor gebruik op papier en canvas, zeer zachte kwaliteit; laat u verrassen door de kleurafgifte handige applicator; schoon werken dus - meer info

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How did COVID-19 measures in your country affect you?
To me the entrance of COVID impacted me on different areas. It introduced fear in my life, but also a bit of discipline. It made me care about washing my hands, while I never did. But it also made me jumpy whenever I see someone cough or sneeze without covering their mouth, while that never bothered me before. But what impacted me the most is how my country handled COVID and the measures they took in order to contain it. We went on a partial lockdown, which caused more damage than good. At first it seemed as if a lot of people were still allowed to do everything they wanted, while small businesses were the ones who suffered the downfall. This caused the amount of cases to rise drastically. After the amount of cases rose to a worrying extent, finally we decided to introduce a curfew and temporary closure of a lot of restaurants and stores. I would not say that it was too late, but since a lot of small stores already had to declare themselves bankrupt because of the partial lockdown, it felt like this could've been prevented. The impact the measures had on my life: A lot of my favourite stores closed down. That means i won't be able to return to them after Covid.I was forced to face my anxiety for showing my face on camera. Because working at home means using a webcam and maybe potential embarrassing moments. this has made me more assertive.I lost a lot of friends. I am not very good with things like chatting and long distance friendships. They water down very quickly.I became more introverted. I did not know I could become more introverted than I already was and became to enjoy the non-social situation more...I gained weight. I think a lot of us did. I never realised how much impact biking to work and walking to town had on my health and weight. As soon as I stopped doing that, it became very difficult to keep a fit bodyI became obsessed with skincare. Somehow being inside made it easier for me to take care of myself. My skin has never looked better. #qa #witty Photo: Caniceus on PixabayHow did the measures from your country affect your career, yourself and your future? -
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The Economy Is Actually A Form Of Brain Damage
What a brilliant title this video has! 😉 At least my attention was drawn directly. And the contents are also the nail on its head! This Geneticist and climate activist David Suzuki brings it as clear as glass. The economic principle on which we have established our society is fundamentally if not in connection with the real world, with us as humanity, that it is only destructive. Fortunately, the economy, our money system, is also just a conviction of all of us, a story. It's not real. So if we as humanity are able to create this monstrosity what would we not be able to do if we focused our attention and energy on a new story? We can get out of here, we are not victims of our own beliefs, we are creators! We might as well just enjoy the world we live in, from our full potential as human beings to contribute. It's a matter of choosing! #inlovewithhumanity #economy   #money