IJsbeer van ijslollystokjes


Met houten ijsstokjes kan je allerlei leuke dieren maken. Ook leuke winterknutsels, bijvoorbeeld de ijsberen op de Noordpool!  

Met 11 knutselhoutjes, wat witte acrylverf, 2 wattenschijfjes, 1 zwart pomponnetje  en 2 wiebeloogjes heb je er al (bijna) een. Alleen nog even de knutselstokjes verven, en de onderdeeltjes erop plakken. 

Deze witte coole beer bijt niet, eet niets en is makkelijk te maken, ook door de jonge kinderen. O ja, vergeet niet een flesje transparante lijm klaar te zetten en een schaar om de oortjes te knippen.

Veel knutselplezier! 


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What are you sweet
How beautiful you are. and oh so cute. Milan and your brother Dylan, You make so many people happy. You make all grandmothers and grandmothers laugh again. So important right at this time. People look at you and I often see a smile appearing on people's faces. Dylan can be so delightfully crazy. And Milan's pacifier goes down quietly. Behind the teat sometimes appears a smile. What a wealth. #photography
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The survival of every day - tip 1
The first tip for the survival of every day is: dare to dream. The harsh reality of every day and the challenges it entails can make you lose your courage. Sometimes other people make our lives miserable; they laugh about your ambitions or warn you of disappointments. 'Dreams are cheating, 'they say. It can make you cynical, but don't fall for that trap! Tell me honestly, do you dare to dream? “Everyone dreams, but not everyone has the same dream. Whoever dreams at night, in the dusty pits of his head, wakes up to discover that that dream meant nothing. Those who dream during the day are dangerous, because they can pursue their dream with their eyes open, to make it come true.” - T.E. Lawrence - You have different kinds of dreams. They can be pure fantasy or very powerful in our reality; your life! Dreams that are not about anything or that inspire us. My encouragement is: go for the second kind. It's the art of dreaming the “dangerous dreams” of daytime. Think big. Think what makes you happy or happy. What if you never had to work again? What does your heart beat faster? What can be so real no longer? It helps me at least once a year to withdraw myself to a quiet place for 1 or 2 days and be busy with these questions. What do I dream of? Where do I want to be in 5 years? Someone once told me: “You overestimate what you can do in a year, but underestimate what you can do in five years.” That helps me not to dream too small, but at the same time be patient. So: write down your dream. Remind yourself, hang it somewhere where you see it every day. Share it with others, and let them remind you. Or share it in the comments below; what is your dream? #survival #tips The tips come from survival expert Bear Grills; the world's best-known survival expert, complemented by my own experiences.