Knutsel een skiënde sneeuwpop - cool!

Deze sneeuwpop gaat heerlijk skiën! Dit is een leuke kinderworkshop, tijdens wintersport of de koude dagen. Veel knutselplezier! 


  • 2 Styropor ballen (bijv. 7 en 8cm)
  • Foam klei (klei met kleine balletjes en lijm)
  • 2 Brede houten lollystokjes
  • 2 Sateprikkers als skistokken
  • Wiebeloogjes
  • Oude sok voor muts/elastiekje en stukje stof voor sjaal/spelden
  • Cocktailprikker / Stift / Schaar/Lijm


  • Plak witte Foam Clay op de twee ballen. Rol armpjes met handjes van Foam Clay. Ook de rode neus en de zwarte schoenen zijn gemaakt van Foam Clay.
  • Prik de twee ballen aan elkaar met behulp van een cocktailprikker
  • Geef de sneeuwpop een sjaaltje, prik hem vast met 2 speldjes
  • Geef hem ook een warme muts, je kan een sok gebruiken en een elastiekje, knip er franjes aan. Als het een witte sok is, kan je er ook nog " Cool" opschrijven, of je eigen naam.
  • In plaats van Foam Clay te gebruiken, kan je ook gewoon verven. Voor de armen, handjes, neus en schoenen kan je ook gewone zelfhardende klei gebruiken en dan een kleurtje verven.
  • Ook leuk: Plak echte knoopjes op zijn witte skipak!

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The Human to Human paradox.
For the one to whom it is concerned: In all love, We as Yoors team have once chosen to be close to our members and engage in a conversation. 'Human to human' is what I call. In 'What is Yoors' you can also read that that is one of our spearheads. We are available. We listen, take measures and solve things. This can not be done on any platform. And I keep doing that because it's educational and (sometimes) just fun. Being accessible also ensures that people reach you continuously. There is the paradox. There is often no forest to be found because of the trees. Everyone's problem is equally important and everyone screams for attention to their problem. Fortunately, it also increasingly results in posts where we are addressed to our approach and policy. Fine and everyone is free to do that. It is generally heard and seen. Criticism is greatly appreciated ! If you want to achieve any effect, the tone is important ! A recipe for change or improvement of Yoors by means of your post or comment: - Write an adult post or comment with an argumentation of your problem. - Put your hand in your own bosom first. Could it be you too ? Unfortunately I miss this so much on Yoors. It often hurts me. - Remember, you've never paid a penny to Yoors. - Yoors has never taken anything from you. Only given. - Do not fall in complaining and remember your tone - At the same time as your problem, come up with a solution. - And I mean a solution that you really sat down for once and thought deeply about. (As we do for you every day.) - Only if you have met the above conditions please then tag me using : @Henkjan the Warrior  . - Are you part of the problem or solution? That's the question. These seem reasonable points to me. If your post or comment does not comply, you will not receive a response or support from me. I look forward to your posts. Good luck ! Henkjan #Yoors #Humantohuman
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Watch me grow as a photographer
#PHOTOGRAPHY Watch me grow - enya mona Since I graduated from my photography education, I haven't really been involved in photography for various reasons. As a result, I haven't made blogs of my work for a while. But today I'm going to change that.! Although I don't have any new work, I'm going to take you in how I've grown as a photographer over the years I've been busy taking pictures. So let's go! WHERE IT STARTED - I started with flowers photographers. I thought this was totally awesome! I often went to the park in my neighbourhood on my own to capture the flowers during the nice weather. I was very proud of my photos then and I thought that I would always do something with nature or quiet life photography. - - - WORK IN PROGRESS - After a while, I got people in front of my lens. This was not my thing at first! I didn't really know how to get started and you can see that from the pictures of. - - - WHAT IT IS NOW - I finally found the love for fashion/portrait photography. Something I wouldn't see myself doing at first. Funny is that, how things can run. I am very proud of how I have grown as a photographer and that you can actually see this. - - - I started my training without any experience in photography. In my first year, I was just through and they had told me that they thought I would not make it to the 2nd year. What I do understand now since I was really not a good photographer back then. But I did not give up and proved to them that I could grow and I can. And that's what I did.! I have completed my education nicely and obtained my diploma. So never give up on your dreams.