Halloween Pompoenen knutselen met ijslollystokjes

Houten ijsstokjes zijn geweldige materialen om leuke herfst- en halloweenknutsels te maken. De knutselstokjes zijn verkrijgbaar in verschillende kleuren, maar ze zijn ook gewoon in naturel te koop. Het enige wat je dan nog nodig hebt, is zwart en wit papier en lijm, schaar en stift.

Deze pompoenen  zijn gemaakt van 9 stokjes, maarrr.. ik denk dat ie best 2 stokjes breder mag zijn, zodat ie wat meer op een (ronde) pompoen lijkt. En heb je geen herfstblaadjes?  teken dat een blaadje op papier, en kleur met kleurpotlood of stift eerst je eigen herfstblaadje. Is misschien nog leuker ook! Een papieren blaadje plakt ook beter dan het plastic kunstblaadje wat ik hier gebruikt heb. Als je dan wel een kunstblaadje wil plakken, gebruik dan goede velpon lijm of het lijmpistool.

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Abandoned Pets A Sad Reality
Hello friends today, taking some time in my work, a great fighter in my country contacted me he attends and rescues abandoned pets in Venezuela, since I am part of said foundation, I asked them to see what happened, the sad reality is very strong already that this same week 12 dogs and 3 kittens have died, due to lack of antibiotics and ivermentine antiparasitics among others, in that scenario you can see the serious state of these animals, this video I do on all my social networks for people to drink awareness and do not abandon your pets.
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This healthy fish should be eaten more: But not all fish species are equally healthy!
Healthy fish you need to eat more: But not all fish is healthy Healthy fish is part of any healthy diet, even if you want to lose weight easier. But there should be an important remark on this. Not all types of fish are healthy. The Higher Health Council does not recommend eating healthy fish once a week. Healthy fish is, first of all, fatty fish. It is rich in healthy fats and especially of omega 3 fatty acids. Healthy fats are indispensable for several reasons, first of all as an indispensable source of energy. But what is healthy fish and what species of fish should be left behind? Fish is rich in healthy nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and proteins. But unfortunately not all fish species are equally healthy. Especially fatty fish species are a healthy choice to eat once a week. Healthy fish is rich in fatty acids Healthy fish contain a high concentration of healthy fatty acids, especially omega 3 fatty acids. They protect you against, for example, arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure and a disturbed cholesterol level. In addition, fatty fish also contains important vitamins such as B6 and B12 and iodine, phosphorus and selenium as mineral. Healthy fish is also an important source of high-quality protein. Proteins give you a longer feeling of satisfaction, making you eat less and lose weight easier. Food supplements with fish oil Fish oil, one of the most important ingredients of healthy fish, is therefore important for your health. And yet most of us eat too little fish. Do you also eat too little fish? Then you can partially compensate for this with natural nutritional supplements containing omega 3, EPA and DHA fatty acids. So they are a good alternative for those who receive too little of these fatty acids through their daily diet. Recognize fresh Healthy fish you prefer to eat as fresh as possible. Preferably directly from the sea on your plate. The eyes of fresh fish are transparent, the tail is strong, and the scales are wet and shiny. You can recognize fresh by its dry fins and by its grey gills. Choosing a fish with red is much less fresh than you think. Fatty fish species are the healthiest Healthy fish belong to the fatty fish species. They contain at least five percent healthy fats and especially fatty acids such as omega-3, EPA and DHA. Therefore, it is best to choose to eat fatty fish rich in oil, such as: Sardines Herring Mackerel : most varieties of mackerel are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, but not all varieties of mackerel are equally healthy. For example, King mackerel, coming from the western Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico, contain large amounts of mercury, a heavy metal that is harmful to your health. Sprats Wild salmon Halibut Plaice Tuna Sea bass Shrimp Pangasius Turbot Moss Oysters, shrimps and crabs Unhealthy types of fish that you should not eat Unhealthy fish species that are best left behind contain too much mercury, a heavy metal that is harmful to your health, especially to your nervous system and especially to the brains of unborn and young children. Fish with a relatively high amount of mercury that you should not eat are: catfish King Mackerel Blackfin tuna tilapia American eel species Pangasius from Vietnam and the Mekong River Tile Fish Tuna Rockfish: general term for fish hidden among the rocks. Sebastes in particular is a type of fish with a high mercury content.