• Today's sharing tip is very simple but essential.
  • Share any post @ Yoors and you earn 1 euro per 1000 views.
    The reader and content creator are earning as well !
  • Link to a post of yours or someone else's from another website. With a good description of why people should click on the link.
  • Crea with kids, for example, does this a lot. So there is always traffic from her other site to her Yoors posts. And so she is building on her passive income. @creametkids 
  • In the near future we will be working on a share button that can be placed on other sites so that you can also share to Yoors.
  • Today's tip: Create links from existing sites to your posts on Yoors.
  • You can also leave a comment somewhere on a blog or a newspaper site with your link and you will still earn your points if someone clicks on it.
  • It is important that the link of the post has something to do with the content of the comment you post. For example, a clarification. 'Here you can read more about this topic' Or here I wrote a post about this topic myself. @Madeleine is an expert on this.
  • You can agree with yourself to leave 1 comment somewhere with link on every working day. Or place 1 link on another website.
  • Please share this post so you earn and it is spread ! Thanks .
  • #Sharetips

Deel-tip van vandaag: Deel een link in een reactie of op een website buiten Yoors.