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democracy or theocracy

vlog 7 political party Jesus lives

follow Jesus

See at the bottom of the video!

Here's some extra information I posted in response:

Authority gets someone and power takes someone. There is no man better than Jesus. Even if we now take Jesus with all of the Netherlands and rule the Bible already, we would be a lot better at perfection. Completely with the whole world. But Jesus who has been given authority and deserves it will do it 1,000 times better. If we try to be every human being truly loving and every one in the first instance tries to keep the 10 commandments, we will come a long way. Later Jesus comes back and would rule for 1,000 years. Then there will be peace in the animal kingdom. For build God's kingdom of love and light and then the realm of darkness of the Evil One will be broken down. See: Ysid=102591

But also this:

I myself would vote Marko Zwier on political party Jesus lives.
I live in Twente which is located in east Overijssel.
Looking for people in Twente and also beyond in Overijssel who intend to vote for Jesus Lives.
I am looking for people in Twente and also throughout Overijssel who want to help take action for Jesus Lives.

Action for Jesus Lives as among others these 2:

1 Support Statement to sign yourself and see by others:
Er zijn in Nederland 20 kieskringen de deze #needastatementofsupportthan19constituenciesneed30andonbonaire10thenonecanandcanvoteforitthroughoutthenetherlands. Zijn er minder dan 20 kieskringen die te weinig #havesupportdeclarationsthenonlyinthoseconstituenciesthathaveenough. Maar (en als het nodig is dan doe ik het) u kunt een #applyforvoterspasstothemunicipality. Then you take your ID and ballot card with you and have them converted to a voter pass. You do not have to vote in your municipality and you can do that throughout the Netherlands. That is also used to make them work further away. I used it 4 years ago to vote where I could vote for Jesus Lives.

Paste 2 Posters. I've done that once before. I have the materials for it and the glue I know where to buy it.
I don't have a driver's license and a car. I do have a moped certificate, but no brommobiel.
If you can arrange a car and want to drive with me, then I'll arrange the glue and the other stuff needed.
And I want to pay for the food. The posters I get from the Political Party Jesus Lives.

Contact me webmaster Marko Zwier via:

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