Great Nettle ruler of the polders

The King of weeds
Urtica Dioica.

This green giant may be seen as a nasty prick plant, but I would like to explain that this is a very nutritious wild plant that makes your energy effervescent when you put it in your
how to process meal. As spring in full glory paves its way over the
polders, shoot the little green prickles out of the ground full of
substances that the body will need after the winter months.
Below are the ingredients that can be found in the
nettle will strike.

  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Silicon
  • Iron
    Lignans, having a phytohormonal effect
    Secretin a natural hormone substance For the benefit of the pancreas
    In the burn hairs are:
    -Acetylcholine is a Ester Of acetic acid and choline
    - histamine
    - choline (Part of the vit.B Which also interacts with other vit. such as folic acid and B12.)
    - Formic acid
    - acetic acid

Medicinal effect:

With anemia
Promoted the metabolism
In case of impotence
Promoted the immune system

Neutralizes uric acids from the body
works against the disease of
- Hodgkin. - Yeah
High blood pressure
Moisture Driving
With hemorrhoids
- Expem. - Yeah
Against hair loss


Musculoskeletal system:
bone descaling

Hormone system:
root for postal complaints
Menstruation relieving

Stimulates the intestines
against diarrhoea
Drains the liver

Urinary tract:
Dranwort for the kidneys
In the case of cystitis
Urinary contingency

You can process nettle buds in a soup, raw in a potato stew, smootie or in a stir-fry vegetable dish.

The buds in the spring are the most nutritious. Young, fresh and still small with full of energy.

Recipe how to make realNettle pastemakes
you find - Here. - Here.

The seeds can be dried and used as an addition in smooties.
This is also asuperfoodNamely.
I collect this every year for the winter months.
More and how you can do that you can find - Here. - Here .

To make a medicinal tincture you can on This Blog read.

I usually pick 2 sandwich bags full for about 1.5 liters of soup.
What I also often do is stir fry together with, for example, seven leaves, mushrooms and onions.
You can find the recipe for the delicious soup - Here. - Here .

In this English video about the power of the nettle, everything is explained in detail once more.

In addition to preparing Nettles, you can also use wool fromwithout having to purchase anything.
The video up here I came across about how to do this step by step.

This inspired me enormously to try it myself.
This craft is not lost either.
On This Website they sell durable yarn and clothing.
I thought it was definitely worth taking a look: -)



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