cassave aardappelen

What are French fries? This is another of the integral elements of the Zulia breakfast; Despite their name (Papitas), they are not made with potatoes but with cassava (tapioca or manioc) and are usually filled with multiple ingredients (meat, chicken, seafood, fish); however, the most common are those filled with grated white cheese. In Maracaibo it is very common to find them in street food sales, they are very cheap and easy to prepare, some people make them with potatoes, yams and any other tuber with plenty of starch.
It is one of my favorite breakfasts, I invite you to prepare them.

Ingredients for Papita's recipe:

1/2 Kg of cassava.

Salt to taste.

1 teaspoon of vegetable oil.

100 grams. of grated white cheese.

1/2 cup of wheat flour.

Preparation of the Papita recipe:

Cook the cassava in salted water and let it soften

Drain and mash to form a dough. Add a teaspoon of oil and continue kneading

Make a ball of dough with floured hands, the size of a golf ball

Cup in the center with your fingers to form a cup.

Fill with the ingredient with a small portion of grated cheese.

Seal the edges and roll the dough again

Flour the ball and fry in plenty of hot oil until golden brown.

Remove from the oil, drain and serve.