This is one of my previous challenges. I set the goal for my inter-writer and made the mirror character of how I felt in the moment. Realy and truly healing experience! Seems like it was eons away 😄

Today I'd like to wake up the memory of it because I started to write exactly a year ago. This simple digital drawing is a story in pictures of how he lived and some crucial moments of his life on the island! This is how I decided to celebrate the memory of those days behind me, celebrating the growth and prosperous adventure Ivy set me through. If you're new to my blog, do not worry, I'll make a new tab just with those ten stories for you to read, or you can follow the links I'll drop below.

Stay safe and warm inside, remember to love yourself first, and be kind to Yourself and others. Kindness in new old we all need!

story no 1
story no 2
story no 3
story no 4
story no5
story no6
story no7
story no8
story no 9
story no10

Digital Drawing - Remember Ivy?