Dikkertje Dap voor op het trapje - Kleurplaat / Bouwplaat

De giraffe had ik al gemaakt. Er zat ook al een trapje bij. Hans van Gemert had bij de giraffe een reactie geplaatst: "Wat leuk! Nu nog een Dikkertje Dap voor op het trapje!" Nou.. hier is ie dan, Hans! Inclusief de rode laarsjes :) Speciaal voor jou.. en alle andere Dikkertje Dap fans van Nederland :)  

Vergeet je niet een suikerklontje mee te nemen?


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Sweet Newspaper Heart
Do you want to make something nice for someone you love? For Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or making a heart for a friend or girlfriend? If you have an old newspaper and a stapler in your house, you can easily make one! The method is very simple: Draw a heart on 6 sheets of newsprint and cut out the 6 sheets together Do not close the heart but let about. 5 cm open so you can put some paper in it With a stick you spread the craps in the heart If the heart is filled, don't you close the last 5cm too 5. Paint the heart with Collall Aquatint, watercolor or ecoline (note, ecoline stains in clothes) and let it dry 6. Glue a nice ribbon (or ball tape) over the stapled edge and make a hanging loop 7. Decorate with wobbly eyes, hearts, glitter (eg. glitter glue), sequins, stickers, etc. (Pom band and Viva Decor Glitter glue bulbs available at Urban Craft Factory, click HERE ) 7. Decorate with wobbly eyes, hearts, glitter (eg. glitter glue), sequins, stickers, etc. Give your heart to those who love! Do you want to craft more hearts? Then there must be some idea here for you! Fruit hearts wreath for Valentine's Day - Valentine heart box tinkering and filling with candy hearts! - Stamping a heart with pencil or cork - A Heart Flower for Mother's Day Crafting - Hearts crafting from straws - Valentine's Day Crafts - with cutting plate for kitchen roll - Scratch Art Scratch Heart - Hearts clays - Coloring pages Valentine's Day - Warm and cold colors of paint - A heart of pasta for the sweetest! - Valentine heart crafts with a paper plate - Valentine Bear Crafts from an Egg Carton - 3d Popup Valentine's Day Card Rose Template - Monstrous toilet rolls with a heart for you! - 3 times Valentine newspaper art ideas - Valentine's Day; making heart-shaped pillow yourself - The 10 best and FREE Valentine's Day crochet patterns - Calligram Heart - Hearts tinkering - 5 Cute Drawing Videos for Valentine's Day! Learn to draw for beginners - Ideas for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day - Ladybug tinkering - How does eggbox crafts Part 2 Valentine. - Decorations of wooden half clothespins tinkering - 15 Valentine's Day Kids to Craft! - Valentine ideas - Making Heart of Doodle Clay with Jessica - Mother's Day Hearts Pendant of Clay Crafts - Window hanger heart crafts from coffee filter - Mother's Day Gift Crafts - Crafting cheerful flowers with popsicle sticks - Aluminium foil artwork/Aluminum Tin Foil Art - a heart for your love - Read more Some more sweet hearts online shopping tips: Red heart-shaped tealights Popup cards love Night light heart Want to see more here on Yoors? Or give a comment or maybe post something yourself? That can be!Sign up first (free) at Yoors: - Free registration at Yoors is done here! #hart #heart #love #valentine #valentinesdag #valentineshart #sprang #sprangje #love #ikvindjesprang #iloveyou #heartunderderym #heartthief #mothersday #mama #tinkering #heartsdag #lievehearts #foryou #tinkering #creatively #diy #diyheart #hard #newspaper #newspaperen #newspaperenhart #creativelymetnewspaperen #hearts #madebyme #youarespecial