Dinosaur of toilet roll

An empty toilet roll does not immediately remind you of a dinosaur. Still, you can create a funny dino with such a cardboard toilet roll very quickly and easily. Squeeze your roll, draw the pattern on the roll and cut it out. If you want a dino with a long neck or a mother dino, take an empty kitchen roll!

The dinosaurs you see here are not from the Stone Age or Iron Age. No, these babies are from the Glitter Age! The cardboard critters are painted with glitter paint, and with the beautiful Glitter paint by Creall . It is a colored quality paint with beautiful glitters, which adheres to paper, cardboard and foam.

How to make a dinosaur, you can see in the pictures. There is hardly any need for any explanation. The white cloves are made with correction fluid, e.g. Edding 7700 correction pen. But ordinary white paint or a white paintpen can, of course, too.

Using green marker, draw the pattern and cut out. Fold the head over and fold the tail outwards. Paint outside and inside with green, beige or brown paint and let the paint dry for a while. Then glue eyelets and draw with black marker mouth and nostrils.

Of course you also make such a nice dino! Every dino is different and every dino is special when you've made it yourself. I really want to see them! So feel free to send your picture of your crafts to ilse@deknutseljuf.nl I'll add your picture below!

Coloring Dinosaurs

The Craft Teacher Ede

Creall Glitter

  • Colored paint with sparkles
  • good adhesion to paper, cardboard and foam
  • after drying waterproof
  • available in 6 colors

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