Diy Jibbitz

Oh help.

On the list for school was “innesko”

After a lot of research and inquiries around so that the first days of school do not cause embarrassment in my adolescent almost six years old this turns out to be really about Crocs.

Now not only do I find these things ugly, but because of all those holes you don't get a decent name sticker stuck there either.

However, those things came up with clear smileys in those holes which made me look further.

So those things are called Jibbitz.

But of course, besides the included smileys, these are nowhere to be found here.

However, I still had split pins and iron beads in the closet.

Eventually with the ironing beads an M, A and X made.

And taped with gorillaglue cotters against them.

I don't know if they're going to keep for a long time but his name is already on it with the homemade Jibbitz.

Should anyone know any other ways to create those pushing decorations for that genre of footwear, I am open to suggestions XD