DIY Money box car as a wedding gift

Decorate a terracotta blank money box with your own lyrics and personalize your gift for the married couple!

If you write the names of the new couple on it, you create onepersonal wedding loadout of. You can, instead of a regular envelope, give money in an original way. I put some strings and so-called cans on it, like it should be with a wedding. The "cans” are made of rolled aluminum foil.

The car as a piggy bank is made of white terracotta and ideal to decorate your own taste and idea. It has a rubber cap at the bottom, so you can take the pennies out again. You can decorate the cars in different ways. The size is h: 5.5 cm, L: 12.5 cm, W: 7.8 cm.

The edding metallic gloss paint markers (No. 751) are very suitable for decorating terracotta money pots. They cover perfectly even on dark surfaces and are waterproof. They are beautiful paint pens that you can use on glass, metal, plastic and paper. Available in 18 colours. You can also paint with acrylic paint (and brush), or even easier, color with an acrylic lacquer, e.g. Pebeo Paint markers, which also give a nice shine and come in bright colors. For more information about the Pebeo paint markers, click HERE .


With the terracotta savings cars of you can do many more things! For example, if someone got his driver's license! Or if someone saves to buy a car! There will probably be many more reasons to give someone a nice money deposit car as a gift...

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The edding 751 markers can be HERE viewing

The edding 751 markers cost 11.99 for 3 pieces, check out the sets HERE