Do I transfer from samsung tablet to an ipad?

I use my tablet a lot to sign digitally. I use a Samsung Galaxy Tab s3 with S pen. Before that, I had a Note 10, but it stopped after 3 years. I bought my tablets because I found the s pen a solution, much more convenient than a stylus. But unfortunately also very thin. On my last tablet I always quarrel with the button that is on the pen and apparently cannot be switched off.

The app I use is Sketchbook Pro, free for a year or so and it works nicely. Whether it's the app I don't know, but the screen records both the pen and my hand, making the image appear regularly. Even though I have the feature in the app on pen only.

Now I hear a lot about Procraate a drawing app on the ipad. And so I have been reading about the purchase of an Ipad for a while now, the Ipad air 2020. However, it has no possibility to add an sd card and the price tag is also a thing. Plus you also have to buy the pen separately. So large amounts. Furthermore, there is also no connection for headphones and so you have to buy them separately because that is via the usb c connection.

I would like to hear from you whether you have experiences with drawing on the tablet and which device you would go for. What are the advantages and what are the disadvantages? I am very curious about your opinion!