Many people have some kind of token or a ritual that they always do for good luck.

I believe in positive thinking, but these celebrities are serious about it...

* Actress Cate Blanchett has kept her elf ears safely and believes they bring good fortune.
* Colin Farrell always wears the same boxers when he starts a new movie shoot – covered in shamrocks with “the luck of the Irish” on the waistband.
* Brad Pitt has a shark tooth necklace which is said to keep the wearer safe from danger.
* Tennis player Serena Williams always wears the same pair of shower sandals before a match, double checks her laces and bounces every ball a total of five times prior to serving.
* Footballer David Beckam's good luck rituals and charms seem to have worked for him – they are quite simply new cleats and new underwear – Emporio Armani of course. :D

And now, I want to know your good luck ritual, perhaps it will be a winner too!

(photo PIRO por Pixabay)

Do you have a good luck ritual?

Do you have a good luck ritual?

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