Don't Kill Your Dreams By Doubting Yourself!

Don't Kill Your Dreams By Doubting Yourself!

You can never get what you truly deserve if you doubt yourself. It will never allow you to fulfill your dreams, all your ambitions will be crushed. You can do anything in life if you believe in yourself, stop doubting yourself. If I decide that I have to achieve something, I am going to achieve it anyhow. No one can stop me from getting what I deserve because I believe in myself.

Life is already very difficult so why make it more difficult by doubting yourself. You are doing what people want you to do by doubting your capabilities. No one wants to see others succeed, they will try to pull you down when you are going to achieve something.

 It can even lead to depression and anxiety, it is very difficult to come out of depression. There is only one life, you need to live it in the best way by achieving all your goals. Stress can even lead to many kinds of mental illness and you will start getting prone to diseases.


Start living in the present

I used to doubt myself based on my past which made me feel that I can not achieve something big. Now everything has changed, I never thought that I would start earning at the age of 18. I even cried when I was afraid of uncertainties in the future, I used to stress about a lot of things like when will I start earning, when will I achieve my goals, when will I get someone who loves me unconditionally, and many more.

One of the things that I learned in the past year is that I can't control everything going on in life, most people nowadays are mean, and I will get what I deserve at the right time. Moreover, you can never predict what is going to happen in your life so there is no point in taking stress but it doesn’t mean that you’ll not put in any effort.

You need to give your best in everything you do but don’t expect anything. It hurts a lot when you expect something and it doesn’t happen as we wanted so never expect anything. Time is the biggest teacher, it will teach you everything, give answers to everything at the right time like I learned that expectations are always bad.

You need to trust yourself!

You have to trust yourself, don’t be your biggest enemy by not trusting yourself. You are not even going to try if you don’t trust yourself, you should be afraid of not trying and not afraid of failing. I always try even if it seems impossible by thinking that at least I will get experience. No one can stop you if you believe in yourself, be ambitious, and see how life changes. I know it is not easy to be positive every time, at that time think about all the good things that happened in life.


Know the reason for doubting yourself

There is a reason for everything, find out the reason why you are constantly doubting yourself. I used to doubt myself because I had never done something big in my life. I used to feel that many people achieve a lot at a young age and I am not even near to them.

Then I changed my thinking that what happens if I have not achieved anything big till now, it doesn’t mean that I can’t achieve anything in the future. Moreover, I got someone who loves me unconditionally, who supports me in every situation so whenever I feel low I think about that person. You should also find someone who will support you in every situation.

Even after losing everything in your life, you will have someone who is going to be there for you for your lifetime. But don’t trust anyone blindly, most people are fake nowadays. Stay away from toxic people because they will force you to doubt yourself. Having two to three good friends is far better than having ten to fifteen fake friends. Hope you liked reading the post! Comment below, I would love to know your views.

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