Doodle challenge... Weer...

Ik ontdekte net dat ik ooit lang geleden nog eens deelnam aan een doodle challenge... en wat ik toen tekende was deze regenwolk... wat gaat de tijd snel...


Grappig dat ik deze leuke doodle al helemaal vergeten was... ook hier was het thema 'het weer'

Wil je mijn blog van toen bekijken met nog meer doodles... klik dan even op de link hieronder...

I want a girl! - Craft Palomino and Arizona with the free printables
Do you know girls who want their own horse or pony? There must be a lot of. But do you also know a horse who wants a girl? .. The horse Palomino can only think of one thing, he wants a girl! In this amazing picture book I want a girl! of Michael Escoffier and Matthieu Maudet (publishing house Leopold) you can read the adventure of the horse Palomino, why he wants a real human girl. Are his parents okay?? Because having a girl of her own, what's all in that?? I won't tell you too much about this funny book, but it's a wonderful gift for all the tough and sweet girls who would really like to have their own pony! You really don't get your own pony? Too bad, but distress, you can always craft this tough horse Palomino, and his friend Arizona you can also make it yourself! I'm sure you can keep it and put it in your room.! It is not difficult, because the template and the working method can be found below! So now go to a gallop, and quickly craft Palomino, your very best and cutest horse friend! View
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