Peers or Pears?

Een peer in het Engels is een gelijke, en aangezien ik Peerke heet, is dit mijn favoriete fruit, ondanks vele pesterijen in mijn jeugd. Ik heb er een geuzennaam van gemaakt. Ik sta heel graag naast anderen, als gelijke, een echte peer, liefst tof.

Vandaar dus deze Doodle fruit invulling van mij voor vandaag.


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&the madness of cards
I've been completely away from making maps for a while. In fact, on our journey through South America, I took a map sketch block. So I could draw nice but it didn't take up much space in our luggage. Since then, the mapping virus has struck and it is still unstoppable. Watercolor - Normally I make cards with watercolor pencils. A nice process because you first make your drawing and then you will redo it with a brush with water. The difference is often huge and it is very nice to make. Two pleasure from your own creation, I shall say;). It is a time-consuming job. On average I spend about 2 hours per card, sometimes a little shorter, often a little longer but definitely worth the effort. They're actually small paintings. I find them ideal to send as a personal gift to someone. A real painting by post! &the Harpij eagle - Here you can see step by step how a watercolor card comes to life Read more Pen drawing - In addition to my familiar watercolor cards, I'm working on a new style of cards. Whole basic black and white drawings of birds. Among other things, I use beautiful thick white paper to create stylish double cards. They can really be for any occasion. In the same style I also make bookmarks. Recycle art cards - My latest addiction! In second-hand shops I look for postcards with a nature theme and I provide them with my own drawing!  So I fold over double cards and I have the entire outside to draw on. I help on the inside with a new writing surface. I provide a few cards with a drawing through the original photo. This gives a very nice effect if I say it myself. You can really go in all directions with these cards. Simply send it on any occasion or use it as a trendy invitation. Recycle envelopes love - Cards include, of course, envelopes. Personally I find the average envelope rather boring, so white;) Something is quickly made up by making them myself! Fits well with recycling and they get really great even if I say so myself. I keep them simple, all I need is a page from a fun magazine like the Flow, scissors and adhesive tape. Voila! DIY Watercolor Cards! - Het nieuwe jaar begint goed, ik ga DIY Watercolor Cards aanbieden. I'll make the drawing for you, so all you have to do is work yourself with brush and water. You can then add another zentang layer to it and give your own twist to this nice painting map! Great natural as a gift or just to hang yourself on the wall. Keep an eye on my blog & etsy shop:) &You can win! - Would you like to win such a DIY watercolor card? Leave a message under this blog with which animal/theme you would like to paint yourself. On January 31, I raffled a map among all the people who responded through this blog:) & the result! - What is it fun to give away presents! First of all, thank you for participating, very nice to read your comments and think about your suggestions. I'm thinking about doing this kind of action every quarter. This time the lucky bird is *drumbar* Biz-Art-Lely Town ! A Gekko card comes to you!  The rest especially do not mourn. As soon as I have uploaded several cards on Etsy, you will receive a nice coupon for my shop! I'll send you a personal message. If you haven't heard anything at the end of the week, please contact me. & the DIY watercolor postcard of 'Gracing the Wall' - How to make such a DIY watercolor card. An explanation in steps with photos. Read more Lefty - Gracing the Wall on Etsy and Instagram How to paint with watercolor pencils Flow magazine for the most beautiful envelopes:) Read more - &the Pangolin - & the poisonous frog - & the Hyacinth macaw -
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Can you help me?
Can YOU HELP ME? (en ONLY) - Good morning all! I'll give you a brief introduction.. My name is Femke and I study Spatial Development and Planning at the University of Applied Sciences. I'm currently working on my specialization phase for the third grade. We are working on writing advice for a redevelopment at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. For this I do research on hospitality in and around the area. To get a realistic picture, I made a survey and asked you if you would like to fill it out for me.. It takes ca. 3 minutes and you would really help me! Below are some atmospheric impressions of the current area. Here is the link for the survey:   Hospitality Jaarbeurs Utrecht -