Drunken Beavers

Slunatic short story about two crazy drunken beavers


Yeah, they were drunk, these two beavers. Drunken even. They had drunk themselves completely lamb to red wine.

You might wonder why beavers drink red wine and how they got it. Maybe you think they secretly went into a supermarket or liquor store and bought themselves wine. Maybe you think they lived near the fields where the vines are and where the farmers grow the wine.

All logical explanations. Yet the story is somewhat different.

There was a big fire, somewhere in a factory in a distant land. As a result, the barrels of wine had burst open and all that wine had ended up in the nearby ditch. The fish died in bushes, but our beavers were not fish and were fed on the wine.

They enjoyed the red wine to the fullest. They had never had anything like that before. It was a little sweet, a lot different from that dirty water they used to drink.

They wondered how it could be so good, until a passerby who heard them speak, interfered with the story. He had a Book with him and began to read from it.

He didn't start in the beginning, but somewhere towards the end of the book. It talked about a wedding, where people drank wine, but where too little was bought.

There was a special man present at the wedding. He asked for water to the person who said there was too little wine. Then something special happened. The water suddenly turned red.

Was it turned into blood, did the beavers ask? No, said the passerby. It had become wine, and that wine tasted excellent. He was much better than the wine the newlyweds bought.

Maybe something like that happened to the wine in the ditch. He did not know, but had to go on his way, leaving the beavers in confusion.

The beavers decided to investigate and went drunk dancing and wandering towards the factory, which was now black with soot.

They saw men there in big suits and they told them what happened. They said all the wine had ended up in the ditch.

The beavers were allowed to take a look at the factory and were impressed by what they saw there.


It had become a big black, smelly, smoking place with lots of glass. They quickly got out of the feet of that dangerous place and quickly returned to the ditch, where they drank a little more and then went to sleep in a hole they had made.

They slept there for months, and when they woke up, they saw that the ditch was old-fashioned in colour again and it didn't taste so good for a long time.

They went to the factory hoping to find some wine there, but everything they found, no wine. The factory was also gone. Suddenly there was a store with their name and their logo on it.

They decided to address someone, and they thought it was special that she could communicate with the beavers. She said she had heard the story of the beavers at the factory and found a special story and therefore gave her shop that name.

She said her store was open for six months and that's why she wanted to throw a party. She wanted to give people a gift when they spent a certain minimum amount.

Because her shop was on the site of the factory where wine was brewed, she wanted to give people wine glasses. There had to be a picture on the glasses, and she asked the beavers if she liked it, that their image should be on the glasses.

The beavers shone with pride. This was an honor! Of course you could. I'd like to. They were going to clean themselves up in the ditch first and have a bite to eat. In the meantime, the woman contacted a professional draughtsman and photographer.

When they came back, the photographer took pictures and were allowed to pose for the draughtsman. There were advertising posters and leaflets with their images and eventually they ended up on the wine glasses. Their mission was accomplished and they lived happily ever after in their ditch, where they regularly remembered their wine adventures.


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