Easter ACTION/I raffled 3 x Encaustic pendant with necklace.

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Encaustic pendant with necklace

You don't have to touch each other to be allowed to touch each other is a quote of your own. https://yoo.rs/heartandsoulconnection/photo/quote-quote-je-hoeft-elkaar-niet-altijd-aan-te-raken-1585044124.html?Ysid=70617 With our 'storage duty', our lives and work have changed a bit.
This requires adjustment and integration, each on its own 'front'.

Under the motto 'take care of yourself and each other' I would like to raffle these 3 self-made encaustic pendants including necklace among these 3 groups, with which I can give everyone something.

A- Education and Supporters (pendant fuchsia)
B- At home and working (pendant green)
C- Caregivers and supporters (pendant red)

Would you like such a unique pendant you can put your name below and your capital letter.
Second Easter day I will then announce who the lucky ones are who get the jewelry properly packaged at home.

Of course you can share this message/action with whom, for whom, whenever and wherever you want. That is even sweet. Everyone can join in or get a chance at it. Please respond yourself if you want to be eligible.

I'm not so handy with # and other parts, so feel free to do what feels right for you!

Take care of yourself and each other!