Easter egg hunt... Challenge...

NL: Dear people because of a system error at Yoors my competition post because of the Easter egg search was accidentally removed. The Yoorteam asked me to make the mail back and put it back on, so second attempt below...

UK: Dear people, due to a system error at Yoors, my competition post related to the Easter Egg hunt was undeniable. The Yoors team asked me to recreate the post and put it back up, so second try below...

ES: Estimados, debido a un error del sistema en Yoors, mi post del concurso relacionado con la búsqueda de huevos de Pascua fue borrado accidentalmente. El equipo de Yoors me ha pedido que recree el post y lo vuelva a poner, así que segundo intento a continuacion...

P: Caros amigos devido a um erro de sistema no Yoors, o meu post of competiso relacionado com a caça ao ovo da Páscoa foi acidentalmente apagado. A equipa Yoors pediu-me que recriasse o posto e o voltasse a colocar, by isso segunda tentativa abaixo...

Competition: The Easter Bunny has been hopping around on Yoors for a while now, since March 8th he hid Easter eggs in Mrs Dot's blogs... If you want to win 500YP, look for Easter eggs in my blogs that were posted between 8 March 2021 and 5 April 2021. Count all Easter eggs and post your number in the comments below. You may participate with only one answer. The race closes on 05 April 2021 at midnight (00:00 in Belgium). On 6 April 2021, the winner will be announced and will receive the 500YP. In case of multiple participants with a correct answer,. There will be only one winner.

Competition: The Easter Bunny has been hopping around happily on Yoors for a while now, and since 8 March he has been hiding Easter eggs in Ms. Stip's blogs... If you want to have a chance of winning 500YP, then look for Easter eggs in my blogs that were posted between 8 March 2021 and 5 April 2021. Count all the Easter eggs and post your number in the comments below. You can only enter with one answer. The competition closes on 05 April 2021 at midnight (00:00 in Belgium). The winner will be announced on 6 April 2021 and will receive the 500YP. In case of more than one participant with a correct answer, a draw will take place. There will be only one winner.

Concurso: El Conejo de Pascua lleva un tiempo saltando alegremente by Yoors, desde el 8 de marzo esconde huevos de Pascua en los blogs of la Sra. Dot.. Si quieres tener la oportunidad de ganar 500YP, entonces busca los huevos de Pascua en mis blogs que fueron publicados entre el 8 de marzo de 2021 and 5 de abril de 2021. Cuenta todos los huevos de Pascua y publica tu número en los comentarios de abajo. Sólo's puede participar on the respuesta. El competiso se cierra El 5 de abril de 2021 a medianoche (00:00 in Bélgica). El 6 de abril de 2021's anunciará el ganador, que recibirá los 500YP. En caso de que haya más de un participante con una respuesta correcta, se realizará un sorteo. Solo habra un ganador.

Concurso: O Coelhinho da Páscoa tem andado a saltar alegremente em Yoors há já algum tempo, desde 8 de Março que tem escondido ovos de Páscoa nos blogs da Sra. Dot.. The quiser ter uma hipótese of ganhar 500YP, então procure of Páscoa nos meus blogs que foram publicados entre 8 de Março de 2021 and 5 de Abril de 2021. Conte todos os ovos de Páscoa e afixe o seu número nos comentários abaixo. Pode entrar apenas com uma resposta. From 05 to Abril de 2021 to meia-noite (00:00 after Bélgica). A 6 de Abril de 2021, on vencedor será anunciado e ele ou ela receberá o 500YP. No caso de mais do que um participante com uma resposta correcta, terá lugar um sorteio. Haverá apenas um vencedor.

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who remembers their first favorite consoles and players - Hello friends, today I want to write on my part to show you which were the first consoles that came into my hands as a child, both video games and music and video, I would also like to read a little about you which were your first consoles since childhood to enjoy a moment of those good times. then my first consoles and of course the favorites. My first memories in terms of consoles was the so-called family game, for me it was something shocking to have one of those consoles in my hands since in order to play that type of video game I had to go to the shopping centers and there were places where they rented the games. It should be remembered that my first VCR that I got to know was betamax, to be able to enjoy watching a movie where you could choose what to watch without having to wait to see it on TV, it was something amazing for me, I remember that the first movie I saw was a phone call the fly, amazing special effects for the time. After spending some time and seeing that technology was gradually advancing, they give me a Sega as a Christmas present, which as their sologan says was one of the most advanced computerized game consoles for the time, that is, to go from 8 bit to 16 bit was a big change, improved graphics and good sound were great. Continuing with the advancement of technology now it's up to the VHS, a player if it can be called more advanced in image quality, more development in everything that had to do with recording TV series in the virgin cartridge format, you could record your programs favorite tv, I do not know if betamax had it, do not try, here is a sample that I still have a vhs from more than 20 years old, it is an LG diamond heads, I still have a movie, in the the one from scary movie 1 hahaha. With this count I will refer to play station 1, which has been one of the consoles that somehow came to revolutionize everything in video games, excellent video for the time, arrangement of 2 controls and the most spectacular thing that one is. I have imagined it had a memory of 8 mb removable where you could play your favorite games, mine was resident evil 1, a game madness so additive that it was impossible to stop playing. leaving last, but a moment does not mean that it is not important, maybe it is more important, let's talk about the walkman, for me he was one of my most faithful friends who had since you went out to the street and if you did not like the music that Around you could be heard, you brought out your walkman and you could listen to your favorite music, in my case I took out my scorpions cassette and problem solved. When modernity takes giant steps, it went from walkman to discman, something that brought disman to my generation was how a device gave you the opportunity to change songs with a single click without rewinding anything, the most modern ones brought a kind of protection that it was called antishock it was crazy and by the way listening to music from digital records was a great boom.
Big Decopatch Dog Cat
Most people know I'm a big cat lover. A friend gave me a paper-mâché cat a gift the other day! So nice to have that (next to the cat grass) on the windowsill! But of course I gave him (or her) nice colors first, you get that. Because I quite often Decopatch (pasting pieces of paper on all kinds of surfaces) I still had a lot of scraps of small pieces left of different paper designs. Perfect to cover my own motley cat! At least I am happy with it, he/she is sitting here at home in front of the window, looking out and it keeps an eye on all the neighborhood cats. Collect about 20 kinds of pieces of paper, from each color a little. But if you only have 2 or 3 colors (for example) then you can of course also! By first dyeing the cat white, the colors of the paper come to the fore much fresher. It is not necessary, but it is advisable to! The eyelets are cut out of a nice Decopatch sheet, which only has eyelets. Choosing is difficult, all the eyes are fun! The method is very simple: Tear small pieces of a lot of different colors of paper. In stages, glue the cat (or any other shape) with Decopatch glue. The glue is also lacquer, so when you grease a piece with a soft brush, you stick the piece of paper on it, and then you go over it with the same brush and glue.. The next piece is glued to it overlapping, and then you go over again with the same brush with glue. So you continue, until the whole shape is covered. Finally, apply another layer, using the same brush with glue/lacquer. It's a bit of a job, because you also want to divide the colors a bit. That gives quite a nice effect, though? I don't have a lot of step-by-step pictures, I was so focused that I forgot. Decopatching is very relaxing, you forget the time when you are creative.. :) The large papier-mâché cat is 25cm high and you could of course also give it a collar with fringes and a bell, or give some bows, rhinestones, or one smooth color. I like busy, cheerful colors myself, it can't be fur enough. And you? How would you pimp this cat?? I'm curious! More info Check out the hundreds of designs you can choose from! Decopatch paper sheet with lots of eyelets Booktips: Book Cat Secrets. What do cat owners actually know about their roommates? Do our spoiled cats want that abundant, delicious food and all that attention, or do they ask for something completely different with their persistent meows? more info Book Cats. Animal Doctor Joshua takes you into the wonderful world of cats in this richly illustrated book. He gives very concrete advice to keep your fluffy friend not only healthy but also happy, from suitable food to perfect care. more info Magic Cards/Card Game Cat Guru's. Wisdom of the world's most famous cats. Get inspired Woor the world's most famous cats. Select one of the cards and be surprised every time by the philosophy of 50 famous cats. more info Cats decoration - Read more Coloring cats - Read more Pen jar for cat lovers - Read more Black cats crafts from toilet rolls - Read more De Knutseljuf Ede has been working with Mirelle van Crea for years with Kids! All craft tips of De Knutseljuf Ede can be found on the website www.creametkids.nl Do you want a creative workshop at your home? Then look at www.deknutseljuf.nl Follow De Knutseljuf Ede on Facebook , Instagram and Pinterest Mail: ilse@deknutseljuf.nl - Want to see more here on Yoors? Or give a comment or maybe post something yourself? That can be! Sign up first (free) at Yoors: - Sign up here for free at Yoors! #decopatch #kat #cats #poes #groteks #papiermache #decopatchen #creatively #creativelybezig #creativelybezigzijn   #tinkering #trixxcreative #deknutselmaf #lapjeskat #pets #residentialdeco #decorating #residentialdecoratie