Canoo:Tesla's rival?


Canoo is a public electric vehicle company which currently unveiled two electric vehicles:

Canoo Lifestyle vehicle and

Multi-purpose delivery vehicle(MPVD)

This Los Angeles based company focuses on reinventing the automotive landscape with bold innovations. The company's Executive Chairman Tony Aquila says,"This is the vehicle designed by people for the people." during MPVD unveil. Canoo has set out to improve urban mobility with vision to lead greener life.

Company's ticker symbol:GOEV(NASDAQ)

Stock price:$13.80 usd

Canoo's vehicle

1.Lifestyle Luxury Vehicle


????Expected launch date: Q2 2020

????Battery pack:80kwh


????Top speed:125 miles/hr

????Single motor rear wheel drive

????Interior Volume:188.1 cubic feet

????Seating capacity: 7 adults

????Steel body


2.Multi-purpose Delivery Vehicle


????Open for pre-order with refundable 100$ deposit.

????Battery pack:40,60,80 kwh battery

????Range:130,190,230 miles

????Total cargo volume:230 cubic feet

????Ground Clearance:7.3 in

????You can make your own personalized.


The company seems to be leading with a skateboard tech on battery which seperates the lower part with the upper body completely. This will make possible for a custom body vehicle with same chasis. Revolutionary concept for a small electric business van have impressed me personally. It really feels like a vehicle for common people as said in the video above.

????Key hurdles for the company:

1. Designing a workable prototype is first process but delivery to masses is one of the bigger challenges.

2. The company has yet to scale for the mass production.

Technically speaking,the company seems to be in good position but let's see if it can financially survive to deliver what it has promised. It is really not a competitor of Tesla but it has long way to establish as a rival.