Efficiently tidying the wardrobe

Efficiently tidying the wardrobe

Cleaning up the wardrobe, it can be a tricky job. Often there is again a lot of things mixed up.

Usually it's time to clean up the closet by winter, or by summer. Winter clothes and summer clothes are often already separated and due to the change of weather, the demand for another garment becomes relevant again. But where did you hide it somewhere in your wardrobe?

Wardrobes are often not really adapted to your clothes, hanging clothing is the easiest, but there are always garments that you keep folded in your closet. They often get tucked into a clot in the back of the cabinet, or somewhere at the bottom, so it's hard to find again. The shelves in the wardrobe are often either too wide or too narrow, for one folded garment too big, for two just too small to be able to place them next to each other. But there is a solution to not get rid of your clothes anymore!

If you have drawers in the wardrobe, then you can easily store your underwear, tights and socks in there. You don't have to fold anything, if you only have a separate drawer available for each item. This way you use the entire drawer and you can always find your garment.

For sweaters, trousers, leggings, t-shirts and any other garments there is a handy solution. Buy a number of plastic containers, possibly with lid. On each tray, glue a sticker and put on it, which items of clothing are in it. For example, you fill the closet with plastic bins with an overview of clothes. This way you can also easily clean up some items, either for the winter or for the summer, by removing the unused ones from the closet. Did you buy a lid? Then add a hand soap, or a scent bag and put it under your bed, or temporarily in another room until you're ready.

So you always have a tidy wardrobe.

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