Emigrate - the other side of the coin

Emigrating can also bear the idea that each emigrant is an immigrant elsewhere. So, in the end, we all relate to this issue in one way or the other.

In my view, societies which are more inclusive also benefit more from cultural, social and other interactions and, thus, have a potential for greater development.

Against this background I’d like to tell you a story with some facts mixed with my imagination.


The cop sits on her bench and wanders

about the reason for so many

unspoken words

The veins on the back of her hands

tell the tale of her pain and success

no longer serving her country

It is the natural order of things

Her breath becomes more subtle

She’s remembering the other woman

stopped at the border

in the middle of her journey

Detained and sobbing in a distressing land

No alternative to a new paradise

Through simple language she suggested

it would be all right

the woman-in-her-job and the woman-on-her-journey

caught together

as if exchanging a comment or a secret

Eyes shut, moments flooding back to her

She’s afraid of asking, though,

to her still fearless hands

Will you shape a movement of the mind

Knitting with the hearts

Sewing ways back home as land maps on the blood

Will you avoid a plight of run-down homes

Of doors shut and a very long darkness

Or will you lay and rest

and wait for a larger death

before we move forward together

when we remember again?