I did #YoorsCoronaPositiveChallenge Never be able to think of what it's like to be isolated from society
It is heavy very heavy
Feel sincerely depressed already? yes already after 2 weeks no contact I am tired of it. I want to see someone and touch and hug and look someone in the eye too. Suddenly it can't be anymore. When you go outside, you hardly see anyone on the street. Reminds me of a movie I saw years ago The Day After.
Maybe someone retains or has seen this movie. The world had gone. The atom had put an end to it.
Actually, no one was allowed to go out, but people did it anyway. There was a lot of radioactive radiation that could make you sick, but yes people didn't realize it, and they didn't feel it, this invisible enemy. An Alcopaliptiche world that we do not know and where everyone had to survive and tried to find a way to stay in the chaos that had been created.
All this was a hell on earth the despair the fight and the search for survivors who might still be there loved ones family confessed
People buried under the rubble buried total chaos. And then the loneliness. All of this reminded me of what happened now.

Fear we live in a world now with an Anxiety Culture. Everyone is scared. We dare not touch each other not to comfort not to embrace it should not be anymore.
Fear conquers everything
All day long, we're flooded by the media with images that we can't erase from our brains. Why do they do that I wonder?
It's too much, and I really wonder if that's really necessary. We know we need to keep our distance
We know that we can infect others and become infected.
But don't give us fear.
Fear is a disease that can destroy us.
I notice that on a daily basis. I hear it from my friends lovers
Friends and acquaintances.
What is Fear of me it is the uncertainty the unknown that we have no control over. We suddenly have to adjust our hygiene and wash hands
I think this is exaggerated, but it has to be. Everything we're told to do, we all do.
We have become a culture of fear.
The positive news is that nature benefits. Everything grows and blooms. Where people once came there now grow the most beautiful crops.
Life continues in nature the habitat restored
Take a good look. Hear the birds whistling. I see the butterflies fluttering.
Am I still a part of that? Deep in my heart, I hope it stays that way.
The tranquility nature the blue sky without air traffic the tranquility.
Only the lonely has robbed me, but I'm not only everything is still there. We can still have food drinking, and that's what the point is.
Let us do our best to respect each other and stand on the sidelines for a while.

The day